Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally, I can tell!

Okay so now that people are starting to find out.....WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! Baby E is due October 7th. It's going to be one hott summer but I can't wait!
This past summer hubs and I decided that we were ready to stop taking the pills. What an exciting day that was. It feels wonderful to not have to rely on that tiny pill every month (sorry if that's TMI). We decided that we were just going to "let it happen" doesn't really happen like that all the time. The first few months went by with all of the weddings and parties that we had going on. Which of course made people talk...esp my come you don't want a beer??? I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I wasn't drinking for the past 8 months. Baby E would be RICH! ha Anyways, after months of waiting for it to "happen" we decided that we were going to stop worrying about it and put it in God's hands. We knew that he would give us a baby when he thought we were ready.
Discovering two lines :)
On January 29th after being a week late I decided to take yet another test (I took so many tests over those 7 mths it was crazy) and once again it was negative..only one line. That week was very hard. Everywhere I went I saw someone pregnant or with a baby and I was so jealous. Person after person asked "when are yall going to have a baby..." You see, I used to be that person. I used to always asked couples when they were going to have a baby or why were they taking so long...etc...NEVER again. It's just not fun being on the other side. Of course I never meant to be rude when I asked those questions. Anyways, that next weekend was our big trip to the mountains. We were busy rushing around getting ready for our trip. Wednesday, February 3rd, I decided that since I still hadn't started I should probably take another test. (As crazy as it sounds I just wanted to be able to relax on our trip with all of the stress of "trying"..if I wanted to have a glass of wine I wanted to be able to and not worry about what if.) Well a very faint line came up almost immediately! Keep in mind this was about 11 and BJ had long been asleep. I didn't want to get too excited yet so I went on to bed. After very little sleep I got up with BJ at 3:45 (still not telling him) and took another test. It came up immediately. He was getting ready for work and I walked up to him with the test and he just looked at me. He said "Are you positive?" Of course I told him about the test the night before. Well that was not enough for Mr. Ehrhardt. We ended up taking 5 tests!!!! I called and scheduled my first appointment and we decided not to tell a soul! On February 17th I went in for my blood work for them to confirm that I was indeed expecting. That night we decided to tell our parents and siblings. Words cannot express how excited everyone was. We swore them to secrecy until our next appointment.
Today, March 5, 2010, a day that will always be special to me we got to see our baby! It was amazing. You know that it is going to be exciting but you really can't prepare yourself for that moment. Of course when the dr walked out BJ was fighting me over the two pics. He was too cute.
So of course the calls have started and the word is spreading like a wildfire. We are very excited to tell our nieces and nephews this weekend. Especially excited to see what the younger ones have to say back.
Needless to say this weekend is going to be a great one :)

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