Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day

Is it just me or is this week DRAGGING?!?!? Goodness..
So it's been a little crazy around work, we have been getting ready for a big trial and I haven't had much down So where should we begin...
The Bachelor..
Jake, Jake, Jake....what a douche bag. I'm not a big fan of your anymore. (I know you're devastated b/c my opinion does matter ha) I felt a little mislead during the show. Everything went so great with Tinley. The family loved her and she just seemed like she "fit". I just knew at the after show him and Vienna sausages would no longer be together...little did I know. I'm excited to see Ali on the Bachelorette. Who didn't know that was coming??
Dancing With the Stars
Okay, my husband doesn't normally watch DWTS but I'm sure he will now that ERIN ANDREWS is going to be on it. What guy doesn't LOVE her. Hell I'm pretty fond of her myself. Now, Kate...don't you think you should be taking care of your 8 kids instead of dancing with half naked, spray tanned hotties?? And, Pamela...that will be one to watch. And, Jake, you're going to suck, that's my guess. Is Melissa going to be one of the hosts this year?? I really like her.
American Idol
It has always been a fav of my dad, Paul Nathan and I. We always call each other during all of the episodes...Paul Nathan and I esp during the auditions...I'll pick out the dorkiest/worse guy and tell him that I tried to tell him he should go on national tv :) It's fun..but anyways...We are all very disappointed this season. I just can't get into it. AND, Ellen has always been on my awesome list....she is just so funny. When I was on part-time for that short amount of time, my mornings were scheduled around her I was saying..I thought she would be different on AI. Maybe she'll bring out her crazy side once it gets to the top 10??
Tonight...MODERN FAMILY!!!!
The funniest show ever!! It looks like it is going to be great tonight. I can't wait :)

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