Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy wedding weekend!!

This will be me Saturday "waddling" down the isle for Aubrey's wedding! We have a crazy busy schedule this weekend for all of the festivities but it will be a blast. Hopefully I'll have lots of pics to share with yall next week. Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

30 wks

Although Dr. C was referring to me as being 30 weeks last week I'm going to go on with my 30 week post this week...
Less than 9 weeks to go. (We are being induced at 39 weeks if we haven't already had him)
Baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and he weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage). A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds him, but that volume will decrease as he gets bigger and takes up more room in your uterus. His eyesight continues to develop, though it's not very keen; even after he's born, he'll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open them, he'll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means she can only make out objects a few inches from his face.
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 30 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20 lbs total
Maternity Clothes: Of course
Best Moment this week: Stacey gave me a huge box of gently used clothes from when Weston was a felt like Christmas going through them!
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis Samuel Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it!
Food Craving: nothing crazy
What I miss: Sushi!!!! yum-o
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable to fall asleep but I sleep hard once I'm there.
What I am looking forward to: So much to look forward to in the coming weeks. I have to say I am most excited about my first baby shower in 2 wks :)
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Braxton Hicks, and some swelling. This SC heat stinks...thank you Lord for giving man the brains to invent remote start...I could kiss the person who invented it :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aprox 60 days left :)

Just one of the things that we've done in the nursery lately...

I'm also working on something similar to this for another wall...they are all white frames and I'm going to use a variety of pics including the ones that we are having taken in two weeks, which I'm super pumped for :)

I'm beginning to get extremely anxious about showers! Our first is just two weekends away :)
Sweet Davis,
I want you to come when it's time for you to come but your Daddy and I are dying to meet you! You consume our thoughts and conversations. We can't wait to see what our life is like once you're here. Your daddy is convinced that you're going to be his little buddy. We won't tell him that you're really going to be a mama's boy...he'll see soon enough.
We love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another busy weekend passes

Phew these weekend have been a little crazy lately and they seem to only be getting crazier-but I'm super pumped. Aub's wedding is this weekend!!! Can't believe it's here already.
Friday BJ and I did some piddling in sweet baby's room. I'll have pictures soon, I promise :) Mom brought by some stuff that she got him on her trip this wk to NYC. He got two books (one talks about never eating tomatoes...can't imagine why she would have thought that one was appropriate) a pony (note early in my pregnancy I said that I had been telling the baby that if he/she would cooperate and show us his or her goods that Duke would buy him a pony) and a soft blankie. Later Ashley and I went out to eat to celebrate her bday. It just so happened that we ran into Tina and Cameron and ended up having dinner with them.
Saturday was girls day at April's. I wish we had pics to was quite fun even for prego, and it was so hot that no one laid out we ALL stayed in the pull the entire day. Can you imagine how wrinkled we were?!? With her parents living on the golf course we had numerous visitors come over and speak while they were playing their last round. The rest of the crew(minus me and Lindsay K.) partook in Margaritas and PJ all day. We all had bets that a few girls weren't going to make it to the dance that night but they were troopers. While we were having our drinking/tanning/gossiping day the guys decided to have their own pool party at Bubba's. Of course we all ended up together. That night I (BJ may or may not have had a little too much fun and may or may not have attended...we'll let you guess..HA) headed to the dance for just a little while but it was rather warm and crowded so I didn't stay too late.
Sunday we had church, lunch, Aub's shower and chores to close out the weekend.
I'll leave you with a few pics from paparazzi Say...YES she finally posted some!
The Old Friends Women's Golf Tourney

Some more pics from Aub's bach..

Friday, July 23, 2010


Whoop whoop! We made it again!
We had a good drs appointment yesterday. I'm measuring 30 wks. She scheduled my next ultrasound (which was supposed to be at 32 wks) in two weeks. So I'm guessing she changed my due date?!? Either way you put it we have less than 10 weeks until he's here!!! I've gained a few lbs since my last visit that she said is mostly water. She said that I need to drink more water and prop my feet up more often but that it is to be expected with all of these 100+ days. He will be here before we know it!
Tonight Ashley and I are planning on going to one of my absolute favs in our area The Eatery to celebrate her bday which was yesterday.
All of our hometown friends will be in town this weekend for the annual Old Friends Golf Tournament. I have a day date scheduled for tomorrow with all of the girls beside April's pool..while they partake in margaritas I'll be floating and drinking water ;)
Sunday we have Aub's last wedding shower...a linen shower. Then next weekend the big day is HERE!
Have a fabulous weekend people..summer's almost over!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

29 wks

By now your baby weighs well over 2-1/2 pounds and most likely measures about 15 inches long. Your baby's hearing is so well developed by now that he will startle at loud noises. Soon he'll start turning his head to listen to sounds outside your body. He's beginning to store enough fat beneath his lovely pink skin that he may already have those baby dimples on his elbows and knees. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. As he runs out of room, your baby may bow his head down toward his knees, curling as he did when he was very tiny. He's long enough now that you'll notice his kicks more. (feels like non-stop esp at night) Forget those little fluttery motions. This feels more like someone is elbowing you for space on the subway! Play "guess that body part" with your partner as you try to distinguish a knee from a heel. (we've started this as well)
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 lbs total
Maternity Clothes: Of course
Best Moment this week:
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis Samuel Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it!
Food Craving: nothing crazy
What I miss: Sushi!!!! yum-o
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable to fall asleep but I sleep hard once I'm there.
What I am looking forward to: So much to look forward to in the coming weeks. I have to say I am most excited about my first baby shower in 3 wks :)
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Braxton Hicks, and some swelling. But, it's not bad and I love being pregnant!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Push" Present

Okay people, come to 2010, this is a such thing. I am not crazy (well maybe a little crazy)and I did not make this up (regardless of what my husband and family think). So today I decided to look it up for you guys.
Push Present-a present a new father gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has grown in the United States in recent years.
The History of the Push Present- The tradition of gift-giving to commemorate a birth has long roots in England and India. The term "push present" first appeared in a publication in 1992. In 2005, when the Southeast-United States jewelry chain Mayors marketed diamond earrings with the line "She delivered your first born, now give her twins." Fortunoff, a jewelry and gift chain store, established a push present registry in 2007. There is, however, no evidence that the present was invented by the jewelry industry to sell more goods, and until recently it was passed on largely by word of mouth or peer pressure among both mothers and fathers. According to Linda Murray, the executive editor of, "It’s more and more an expectation of moms these days that they deserve something for bearing the burden for nine months, getting sick, ruining their body. The guilt really gets piled on." Other sources trace the development of the present to the increased assertiveness of women, allowing them to ask for a present more directly, or the increased involvement of the men in pregnancy, making them more informed of the pain and difficulties of pregnancy and labor.
Courtesy of Wikipedia :)
(I'm sure it's totally acceptable for parents to give their daughters push presents as well...hint hint Daddy)
So, will Mr. Ehrhardt come through with the push present....we shall see...and btw I'm thinking a diamond pendant necklace would be a fantastic idea.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How adorable....

Are these not the cutest onesies?!?! I think so :) I think I'm going to contain myself for a few weeks and not buy...we'll see.
I caught up on all of my shows last night...what a variety..from Kortney and Klhoe, to Holly's World, to Army Wives (seriously cried my eyes out) and ended with the Bachelorette!
The Bach-Can I move to Tahiti please?!? These people are so lucky to get to go to all of these really nice places but this one is over the top!! Maybe one day?? haha So glad Frank is finally gone. Chris and Roberto's dates were awesome and they all looked pretty smokin'. I think Ali looked her best this week too. Hey, In Style, can I get some clothes too?!? ha
Hope everyone had a great weekend! We have a busy week this week and never stops :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl Turns 2

Whoop whoop party time Foxie Roxie is 2 today :) You can say I'm crazy, it doesn't bother me. I've always been a huge dog lover. They have always been apart of the "family" growing well as all of our friends with their dogs.
Roxie was/is by far the best birthday present I have ever gotten. BJ got her for me on my 24th bday just after we got married. She couldn't have come at a more perfect time (B was working 2nd shift when we first got married and it could be so lonely). We shared lots of time just me and her..sleeping, eating, watching tv and the occasional walk (although she hates a leash). It has been similar to having a child....don't get me wrong I know that when Davis is here it will be A LOT different but we had to house break her, teach her to do stuff (tricks), and get her on somewhat of a schedule. Plus we always have to find a sitter when we want to go somewhere for the night. Again, I know that when Davis is here I won't be able to put him in a pen and come to work...haha
SOOO who knows what we'll do to celebrate. I'm sure it will include lots of fetching, sleeping, maybe even a play date with her friend Miley?? I bought her some doggie popsicles so she'll be getting one of those too. HAHA
Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll leave you with some "family" pics since Rox...and before the new addition... Christmas 2009
Roxie's first Halloween :)

Go Cocks!

Christmas Card 08

Easter 09

Getting ready for her brother!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

28 weeks

Isn't this just precious?!?!?!

It's hard to believe we are in the third trimester. Less than 12 weeks until his debut!!
According to our ultrasound Davis weighs 2lbs 8ozs and is EXTREMELY active and I LOVE IT!!! I'm really going to miss it once he's out. haha His brain is rapidly developing this week and he is adding on body fat (as well as his mother).
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 28 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 14 lbs total
Maternity Clothes: So comfy
Best Moment this week:
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis Samuel Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it!
Food Craving: nothing really this week however I've been eating yogurt covered pretzels and they are pretty darn good :)
What I miss: Sushi!!!! yum-o
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable to fall asleep but I sleep hard once I'm there.
What I am looking forward to: So much to look forward to in the coming weeks but this weekend I'm planning on getting some other stuff done in his nursery..I'll post pics next week.
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Braxton Hicks, and some swelling. But, it's not bad and I love being pregnant!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ahh so stinkin' excited!!

Wow what an exciting week this has been! An awesome drs appt, gotten some pretty cute things for Mr. Davis, and his room is looking better and better :)
I'm going to pick up one thing that I ordered for sweet pea after work so I'll have a pic for yall tomorrow :) (I'll give you a hint...something Halloween!!) I've got some running around to do this weekend (hopefully) for some stuff for his nursery then I'll put some pics up of it. I seriously cannot wait to meet this baby! He is so loved already but I can't wait to love on him.
This past weekend we had a great time celebrating Aubrey's last days of being single. It was great to just catch up with everyone. Everyone seems to be very excited about Davis and were constantly trying to "feel" him or "see him swim by" as Sarah said. Too cute. I of course didn't take any pictures personally but have a few to share from one of the other girls. I'm sure Miss Camera Crazy a.k.a Sarah, will have lots more too so I'll post those when I get them.
These are just from the lingerie shower...

Monday, July 12, 2010

So Amazing..

Just got back from our doctors appointment. It was AMAZING!! I spoke with Dr. C about my "fear" of having him (not so much actually having him but not knowing when he will come) and she said that at 37 wks (less than 10 wks away) that she will set a day for 39 weeks for us to meet our sweet fella! I could not be more excited :) We then went to have our 4d ultrasound (note we would not have had this had I not been exposed to 5th were super pumped about it...everything looks great and we got some great shots of Davis). He had his hands by his face most of the time. In the beginning he was going a lil crazy bouncing all around and then he started yawning (did it multiple times while we were watching which was really neat) then went to sleep with both hands by his face. He has rather large feet with long skinny toes (def got those from his Daddy) and rather round nose (I'm thinking he got his Uncle Paul's haha), still has a head full of hair (which I'm so anxious to see what color). He weighs 2lbs 8ozs. Such an exciting day :)
Our weekend was fabulous. Had a great time at Aub's bach party. Will post those pics later...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Goof Troop gone wild

HA! Our groop of friends is also known as the goof troop. It consists of Aubrey, Sarah, April, Erin, Lindsay, Tara, Jana and myself. We were always together and up to something when we were younger and Aubrey's brother, Kemp started calling us the "Goof Troop". Over the years, though we may not speak everyday, we still share that special bond and are always able to pick up right where we left off. Well out of the 8, Aub is the 4th to get married. (I'm the first to have a baby!) My how the times have changed. This weekend we are celebrating Aubrey's bachelorette in Charleston. We are meeting tomorrow for lunch, going to the beach, lingerie shower, dinner and out. (I'll be headed home after wild night for preggo)
Here are some pictures from previous bachelorette parties...
The first one...Jana's in Charleston (June 2007)
Although she isn't in this one b/c we were letting her have the front seat :)

(Mine-Aug 2008 in Hilton Head & Savannah)

Sarah's in Nashville (Aug 2009)

To be continued...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

27 weeks

27 weeks preg, 13 weeks to go, 3 months to go, 91 days...however you want to put it, it's not much longer :)
Davis weighs approx 2 lbs and approx 15 inches long. He is a busy little boy in there. Everything is continuing to develop and he is starting to pack on the oz's. The book says I may start to feel him having the hiccups.
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 lbs total at last appt is Monday
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing them and they are so much more comfy!
Best Moment this week: Passing the sugar test and finding out that our last piece of furniture is finally in!! Can't wait to get it home.
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis __________ Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it!
Food Craving: watermelon
What I miss: Sushi!!!! yum-o
Sleep: It's getting harder to get comfortable to fall asleep but I sleep hard once I'm there.
What I am looking forward to: SO much to look forward to in the coming weeks but I'm really looking forward to our ultrasound on Monday :)
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Leg Cramps, Braxton Hicks, and some swelling. But, it's not bad and I love being pregnant!
BTW, my mom called me today to tell me that last night in her dream that I had a 27lb baby girl and named her Jean?!?!?! Seriously, mother?! I told her to lay off the crack...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just some things to be excited about...

Some exciting news....our last piece of furniture is in!!! YAY! I can't wait to go get it so we (i.e. BJ) can def put everything where we (I) want it and stop moving everything around.
I'm pretty sure I kicked that sugar tests butt and took names this morning. Everyone had told me horrible it was...easy breezy although my arm is a little black and blue from where they couldn't make me bleed..hmmm Is it bad that I kind of enjoyed sitting in the office of the lab reading my book and people watching?? HEY, better than working lol. BTW this total sissy sitting beside me had the same due date as me! How funny. She is having a girl. But that's about as far as we got b/c she took too long drinking her stuff and I got out of there before her.
I can't believe I'm about to enter the third trimester...I'm in the home stretch peopleee! That means things are about to get C~R~A~Z~Y!!!! Let's see this is our schedule for the next few weekends...
This weekend:Aubrey's Final Fling (bachelorette time babyyyy, maybe I'll have some virgin drinks to get in the spirit)
Next Weekend:Aubrey's recipe shower Sunday
July 24-25 Wknd:Allison's (a girl that I used to work with in Aiken) wedding Sat and Aub's Linen shower
July 30-31: AUBREY'S GETTING HITCHED!!! (I'm in this wedding)
Aug 7: hubs is gone for Kemp's Bach party
Aug 13: Maternity Pics :) and that Sunday my first SHOWER!!!
Aug 21-22: Anniversary Weekend hopefully going away for our anniversay/babymoon
Aug 27-28: Kemp's getting hitched!! (BJ is in this wedding)
Sept 5-6: Labor Day Weekend
Sept 11-12: USC GOOOOOO COCKS!!! USC vs. UGA Saturday (my only game of the season this year I'm thinking) Sunday my SECOND shower :)
Sept 19: My last shower and Jordan's 15th bday!
Sept 20: MY 26th
Sept 21: Hunter's 13th bday
I think I'll stop there...but just so you see how crazy things are about to get before Davis gets here...WHOOP WHOOP

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Proud To Be An American...

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. We had a great one full of friends, family, food and entertainment.
We had a great date Friday night with Corey, Echo and Miss Cadence who is too cute for words. Saturday we headed to the beach for a quick trip. Hung out on the beach Saturday (got a lil red), had dinner with Aub & Richard and Kemp & Erin and stayed with them that night. Sunday we saw some of my dad's family and headed home. We napped all afternoon then headed to my parents to celebrate the fourth. We ate, ate and ate some more then watched the fireworks. Yesterday I went shopping with mom and gma and BJ went fishing. I got some cute little things for Davis off the clearance rack :) We also had one of my favs for lunch...a Buffarilla from Wild Wings...yum-o!
I've started having some Braxton Hicks contractions. They come and go but other than that I'm great...just getting bigger and bigger. I go for my glucose test tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
Okay..just a little on the Bach!!! yall know Vienna has never been one of my favorites. However, I wanted to cry for her last night. Jake was being a complete douche bag...what was up with him?!? Maybe he is letting the fame get to his head. I also thought it was pretty funny when V said that he was supposedly a pilot but hasn't flown since she met him...bahahaha
As for Ali...I'm sick of Frank the Tank and ready for him to hit the road. I was a little sad for Ty :( but I still love Roberto and Chris L. hottiessss.
I'll have to catch up tonight on Kortney & Klhoe Take On Miami and Holly's World man I LOVE reality tv...these people truly are my friends they just don't know it ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

26 wks

I got in from work just as he was finishing putting the crib together...(see who makes every pic..haha)

Gotta love baby girl's expression..hehe

Our little family pre-Davis

In the beginning his movements were very light. Now, however, it feels like he is fighting inside of me. (Davis, I know you're anxious to be in my arms but it's not quite time hehe) Sometimes, it's both sides at the same time. The first few times it startled me. He is passing the 14-inch mark and his weight climbs to nearly 2 pounds. The books say that you may even hear your baby's heartbeat from the outside if someone puts his head on your belly. It also says that baby is probably still in the breech position (head up) at this point because of my pear-shape uterus offers him more legroom that way. Which I agree 100% that his legs are low. ha Although he's still wrinkly, baby is now at 25 percent of his expected birthweight, and he's going to really pile on the ounces in the next couple of months. His spine is getting stronger, and if he were born now, he would have an 80 percent chance of survival. He's now capable of inhaling, exhaling, and even crying. That lanugo hair that grew all over his body is rapidly disappearing, and it will probably be completely gone by the end of the 7th month except for some fuzz on his back and shoulders. Your baby's eyes are becoming more sensitive; if you were to shine a light on your belly, he would notice.
Me this week...Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 11 lbs total at last appt.
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing them and they are so much more comfy!
Best Moment this week: His furniture coming in, BJ putting the crib together and finally being able to put his bedding on his crib! I'm sure I'll walk in his room pretty frequently in the coming days just to "look".
Gender: It's A Boy...Davis __________ Ehrhardt
Movement: I LOVE IT and love seeing it!
Food Craving: sweets
What I miss: Sushi!!!! yum-o
Sleep: I sleep really hard but it's getting harder for me to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. And, still LOVING naps :)
What I am looking forward to: His last piece of furniture coming in the coming weeks, finishing his nursery and shopping for Baby E!! I just love picking up cute little stuff.
Belly Button: In
Symptoms: Just getting bigger everyday. Especially over the past few weeks. Seems like I've been a little more tired too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day of Silence

Today I am participating in the "blogging day of silence" in memory of baby Cohen. Please take a minute today to say a prayer for his parents as they hold his memorial service today. You can read more about Cohen here.