Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How adorable....

Are these not the cutest onesies?!?! I think so :) I think I'm going to contain myself for a few weeks and not buy...we'll see.
I caught up on all of my shows last night...what a variety..from Kortney and Klhoe, to Holly's World, to Army Wives (seriously cried my eyes out) and ended with the Bachelorette!
The Bach-Can I move to Tahiti please?!? These people are so lucky to get to go to all of these really nice places but this one is over the top!! Maybe one day?? haha So glad Frank is finally gone. Chris and Roberto's dates were awesome and they all looked pretty smokin'. I think Ali looked her best this week too. Hey, In Style, can I get some clothes too?!? ha
Hope everyone had a great weekend! We have a busy week this week and weekend...it never stops :)

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