Tuesday, January 31, 2012

14, 15, and 16 months

*Still have pictures to post...

I am so behind on blogging it isn't funny! I mainly go to work, come home and cook and play with our rotten boy. Once he is asleep I clean, catch up on my shows or read other blogs. So, for my memory here are the last three months....
We have been busy going to birthday parties, wedding parties, throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and a trip to Orlando and you have our three months.
Davis is quite the busy fella, into EVERYTHING. You absolutely loves being outside or chasing ROX around the house. That's what you call her anyways. And it's not just Rox it's ROXXX. Lord help me.
You wears 18-24 mth clothes, size 5 double wide shoes and 24mth jammies.
We are bottle free! You went from getting a bottle before bedtime to no ba-ba's!
Your favorite song is "If you're happy and you know it" and your favorite part is "stomp your feet!"
You try your hardest to say the blessing not just when sitting at the table but all the time...when given a cookie or sometimes just when playing with toys. You say ABCDEFG Thank you God for feeding me! AMEN! Although it sounds like ABC blah blah blah AMEN yay!!!! MELT.YOUR.MAMA'S.HEART
You have 11 teeth, or at least we think. We don't like to stick our fingers in there to check.
You eat anything and everything.
List of things you says...
Daddy (pronounced Dadeee)
Rox (Roxie)
No (pronounced noooowa)
You try to say a lot of other things but we don't always understand them.
Davis, you are such a joy to be around. You definitely know how to light up a room and always manage to get lots of attention with those big brown eyes. Love you to the moon and back!!!