Monday, May 23, 2011

MaMa's Boy

First off, my prayers are with the town of Joplin, MO. First Alabama now Missouri. It just breaks my heart. Please say a little prayer for all of those who were affected by this horrible storm.
Okay so for the past few days our sweet boy has been saying what we (I) thought was MaMa. No one believed me. I kept hearing "babies never say Mama first it's always DaDa he's just babbling". Well guess what folks there is no ifs, ands or buts about it now. There is no way it can be denied. When he's holding on to my leg, reaching up screaming MAMA you just can't deny that is what he's saying! My sweet boy's first word was MaMa and he hasn't stopped saying it. His favorite time to say it is when he's crying. Imagine that. WHAAAAA MaMA WHHAAAA sheesh. My happy and content-all-the-time baby has been glued to my hip this weekend. If I put him down for one second and run to the other room he loses his sh**. Seriously. But, is it sad that it kind of makes me happy??
Okay...I'm pretty real! I don't want to pretend that I'm super mom and have this all under control. I would like to think that I have most of it under control but sometimes "crap" happens...
Another first...stinky in the bath tub!!!!!
On Sunday morning BJ put D in the bath tub. He took his diaper off as he was putting him in the tub. There were some "marks" in his dipey like he may have been struggling to "go". Well husband ran off like he normally does when it comes to bath time. As I was rinsing D off I noticed a "floater" HAHAHAHA Seriously, this job can be pretty gross at times. It was obviously stuck to his hiney when daddy-o put him in the tub! Not to mention 3 days last week D threw up in the bath tub. We're talking extremely nasty! Don't worry it wasn't "sick" throwing up but he acts like his Mama when it comes to taking medicine and if he doesn't like it he throws it up. And that he did. We're talking coming out the nose and everything.
Sometimes you can't do anything but laugh!
Speaking of sh**, (you'll just have to see it to get that..but I'm sure you can figure it out) Friday, Ashley and I ran off for some girl time. We saw Bridesmaids and did some shopping. Bridesmaids was not girlie hehe funny but guy nasty laughing my butt off funny. However, it was rated R and there were children in there. PEOPLE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!
Is anyone else dying for a vacation?!?! Come on JULY!!! So ready to chase my half naked baby on the beach. No he's not walking yet but we're pretty sure he will be soon!
Back to work...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who takes priority....

Ya see...there is this little boy (who thinks he's a big boy) that has been taking all of my time. When I'm not at work I'm tending to this little munchkin. I continue to ask for your forgiveness with my slackness and leave you with some updates...picture style! Because who doesn't want to see an adorable baby?!?
Enjoying his fresh food feeder that everyone has gone on and on about for the first time...(It had mango in it)
Don't worry, I haven't fallen off of the coupon band wagon...I've slacked up but just so you see...I've still got my mojo...this weeks finds... (spent $20 on this loot)
D had his first swim. The water was a little chilly but he still liked it...
Who wouldn't like the pool when you get this fancy float and your big cousins??
D attended his first of many dance recitals last week. This is him and his sweet cousin Payton before the recital. She did great and D loved the music, lights and bright costumes. He danced the whole time!!
JoJo got her first car last week (which used to be Grandma's car) and she was beyond excited. We're talking tears of excitement. We are so blessed to have such sweet girls in our lives. And they love them some D too...
Payton with her flowers after the recital.
See ya in the funnies. I promise to return to my regular posting soon!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mother's day, sick baby, golf, more baby, dancing and surprises

  • Last year on Mother's Day I felt so special. I was carrying our child inside of me and I thought, "it can't get much better than this!"-To be pregnant ON mother's day...I mean you wouldn't think it could get more "mother" than that. It was pretty special BUT on Sunday I was able to see our child. This wonderful gift that God gave us. I am finally a mother and there isn't ANYTHING like it. He melts my heart daily. I can not thank Him enough for giving me this special gift 7 short months ago. I also thank my mother for teaching me to mother our child. She's always the first person that I call when I need to know "what to do". I also thank my mother-in-law b/c without her I would have such a handsome hubby/baby daddy that buys me nice things on special days. (BAHAHA just kidding about that last part..not really) Sunday morning I woke up to a sweet little boy who shows me unconditional love and loves his mama! He surprised me with a gift certificate for a massage. His Daddy said that he told him he was tired of hearing about me whining. We went to church where I got to stand when they recognized all of the mothers. I can remember Mother's Day as a little girl and thinking "I can't wait to do that! Wonder if I'll ever get the youngest/oldest mother flowers one day??" Well it came down to two people for the youngest mother, me and another girl and I didn't get it. boooo But I did get a marker board for the fridge with some beautiful scripture on it. Husband took mother dearest, D and myself to a fabulous lunch (Duke/my dad was out of town). When we got home babylove and I took a 2 hour nap then headed to Trey's for supper. It was such a nice day. Normally on Sundays I'm busy trying to straighten up, get laundry done and put away, catch up on my shows (okay that's more like fun but I have to "clean" up the dvr for the week), cut and organize coupons and get my lists together. It was so nice to do nothing! I am so sad to say that I didn't get a pic with my sweet boy on my first mother's day!
  • D came down with quite a cold. Or what I thought was a cold which consists of green snot and pulling of the ear. You got it, my sweet baby has his first ear infection :( A few people have told us that they sometime come with teething. I just hope we nip it in the bud and don't see another one for years to come.
  • This weekend is the 4th annual memorial golf tournament for our dear friend. Every year the team that I am on has one the woman's division. Now, I am by no means a golfer. I just pick a good team :) However, I think husband and I may go hit some range balls to practice. These two pics are taken from the last two years. I can't seem to find one from the first year.
  • Our dear friends, Tripp and Stacey, will be admitted bright and early in the morning to have their sweet no name baby girl! (We think her name is going to be Emersyn but they haven't decided 100%) Please keep Stacey and sweet baby girl in your prayers. Baby girl is breech so they are doing a C-Section and her Mama is nervous. I can't wait to go see them on my lunch break tomorrow!!!
  • I started the 30 day shred this morning. (I mentioned last week that I purchsed this Jillan Micheals dvd on amazon..well it came in the mail yesterday) I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep it up and look like the gals in the video..funny, huh?
  • Tonight our niece, Payton, has her dance recital. Hopefully I'll get a picture with D and his dancin' cuz.
  • Can you believe it, I finally won something!! I was so excited to see this post on Romance In a Glance. Thanks bunches, you really made my day!
  • Lastly, you may have remembered me mentioning that Grandma (my mom) got a new ride. Well a certain special 15 year old is getting surprised with my mom's bug today!! While my mom is super sad to see it go I know that our niece (BJ's sister's child) is going to be beyond excited when she gets home from school today and sees it sitting in the driveway!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


To say that we have busy would be an understatement. We have a very active 7 month old (yes, I realize that I haven't done his 7 month's almost complete just need to add the pics) who we can't take our eyes off of and have been non-stop. I am so sorry that b/c of our busy-ness my blog has been put on the back burner. I promise to try harder.
What we've been up to since I last posted....
The golden child and his wife (my older but younger brother, Paul Nathan) graced us with their presence for the weekend so we got in a bunch of time with them this weekend.
D tried corn on the cob (just sucking on it), baked potato (which he didn't seem to care for) and sucked on the bone of a shoulder roast for the first time at Duke and Grandma's. (Cole reading a book to D)Saturday we had a couples baby shower for Tripp, Stacey, Weston and baby girl. They had a great turnout and got some good stuff.Sunday we got to meet sweet Brianna (one of BJ's best friends had a baby girl in December..he lives in TX so this was our first time getting to see her and she was PRECIOUS! B is playing softball with the church this year. They had their first game Tuesday night. They lost but it was a really good game, he had fun (he's just "so sore"..cry me a river) and D got lots of spoiling by everyone there.
Are any of you still with me?? I know I'm babbling...sorry!!
I've been cooking a few new recipes that have turned out heavenly.
One being a sausage pasta casserole and another with chicken, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot.
I ordered Jillian Michaels 30 day shred after reading so many blogs about it. Now if only I can get up early enough to actually do it.Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Do you think you could find the time to forgive me for being so slack?? :)