Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who takes priority....

Ya see...there is this little boy (who thinks he's a big boy) that has been taking all of my time. When I'm not at work I'm tending to this little munchkin. I continue to ask for your forgiveness with my slackness and leave you with some updates...picture style! Because who doesn't want to see an adorable baby?!?
Enjoying his fresh food feeder that everyone has gone on and on about for the first time...(It had mango in it)
Don't worry, I haven't fallen off of the coupon band wagon...I've slacked up but just so you see...I've still got my mojo...this weeks finds... (spent $20 on this loot)
D had his first swim. The water was a little chilly but he still liked it...
Who wouldn't like the pool when you get this fancy float and your big cousins??
D attended his first of many dance recitals last week. This is him and his sweet cousin Payton before the recital. She did great and D loved the music, lights and bright costumes. He danced the whole time!!
JoJo got her first car last week (which used to be Grandma's car) and she was beyond excited. We're talking tears of excitement. We are so blessed to have such sweet girls in our lives. And they love them some D too...
Payton with her flowers after the recital.
See ya in the funnies. I promise to return to my regular posting soon!!

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  1. Noah loved being able to "eat" big boy food with his feeder, too. Sweet boy! and good job with the couponing!