Sunday, November 28, 2010


The Ehrhardt's-Thanksgiving 2010
Crazy Mama...

8 weeks old

I love how he's laughing at me...
Sorry I've been so slack but here it goes...
This year and every year we have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed beyond. We thank God everyday for all of our many blessings but most of all this year we are thankful for our 11+lb turkey. He brightens everyday when he stares at us with those big eyes and especially when he smiles at us. That being said...
We had an awesome week/weekend. Wednesday Davis and I had our date with the girls...he ate all of that attention up! He was a little fussy at first but after he had his bottle he was SO happy. He for the third time in a week only got up once that night. Thursday we got up and started cooking, hung out with Uncle Paul, watched the parade and headed to mom and dad's for lunch with the family. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and once again he enjoyed all of the attention (he may be a little rotten) we came home late afternoon and got him settled then a took a nap to get ready for my big shopping trip. Yes, I was one of those crazies who went shopping at 1am! I loved it, it just gets me in the Christmas spirit. Plus I got almost ALL of my shopping done. Which is good b/c we have a busy couple weeks coming up. I was a little sad about being away from my sweet boy for the first time though but I sucked it up. I came home let D stay with mom for a couple hours, took a 3 hour nap and B and I headed to pick out our Christmas tree. That night we had a few friends over to watch some football and hang out. Saturday we decorated our tree with all of my new stuff that I bought a few weeks back and then it happened....I did something to "trigger" my back and was in excruciating pain until 5:30 this morning when I finally gave in and let B take me to the ER. I've never been in so much pain in my life. I couldn't stand, sit or lay down. It all hurt. And walking...yeah it hurt to even put pressure on my feet. So mom came over to sit with d while we went to the er...a shot and some pain pills later and was feeling MUCH better...still in pain but nothing like it was. We have no idea what caused it or why it happened. The dr said it could have been from carrying him or delivery and something I did just aggravated it this weekend. Anyways..I've been on the couch since, taking the meds every four hours and hoping that I feel a lot better by the morning so that I can go to work and manage to take him with me. I really don't want to have to leave him AGAIN already.
Lastly, while I was what I thought dying of a slow painful death (ha-I laugh now but it wasn't even close to funny last night) my Gamecocks were kicking butt and taking names. Not only were they kicking butt and taking names but they were kicking the Clemson Tigers' butts-our rival...the battle of the state! I managed to watch it this morning after the er so that I could say I saw it. Now I really can't wait for the SEC Championship in ATL with my long as my back gets straight.
Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Back to work we go :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poor Baby or Poor Mama??

So today D had his 2 month check-up i.e. SHOTS! I'm not sure who cried harder Davis or his mama...good thing we took daddy for support. It seriously broke my heart. I've never heard him cry like sad. We are getting ready for the long holiday weekend and starting off with a bang tomorrow night...some of the girls are getting together for dinner...well with the exception of one little man :) He's so lucky. I'll do his 8 week post tomorrow with his latest stats..he's growing way too fast! We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving-and good luck if you're shopping-hope you get lots of deals :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Party Time

Sad to see the weekend go but ready to get this three day work week out of the way for the long holiday weekend :)
Friday after work I laid down for a late nap and woke up two hours later ;) We had planned on going out for supper but since I was already in my pjs we decided to get takeout. B went to bed early and I finally got to watch Sex and the City 2. I loved it.
Saturday we (Davis and I) went shopping with Ashley. We got some Christmas shopping and I got a few deals for myself. We got home and got everything put up and I was asleep before was awesome to catch up.
Today we went to church, lunch at mom and dad's then headed to a superhero birthday party for a pretty cute 3 year old. It was Davis' first birthday party and slept through's okay there will be 100s more.
Now on to tackle these few days of work.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 wks

Rotten butt,
You are seven weeks young. Your looks have changed a lot since you were born yet you still manage to look just like your daddy! (Can mama please get some credit) I'm beginning to think that you are going to have my curls. (You haven't lost any of your hair yet-some may say it's b/c you aren't laying down enough for that to happen-HAHA)Every night after your bath your hair looks so kinky-it's too cute. Your eyelashes are to die for..that's one thing that I'm glad you got of your dad's-so long, thick and the perfect curl-girls die for eyelashes like that. Your eyes look like they are beginning to turn brown. They are blue on the outsides but brown on the insides. You are more and more alert everyday. Before you were following voices, now you are starting to follow me and daddy when we are walking around. Me and daddy fight over your sweet kisses every night. He loves to make me jealous by stealing your sugars when he's holding you and looking at me while he's doing it. Of course I can get them any time of day so we'll let him have his fun. You are still coming to work with me and it seems to be going well. Some days are harder than others when you refuse to nap b/c there is so much going on. Ms. Julie could eat you up on Thursdays. She loves to rock and sing to you. You just stare at her with those big eyes- it melts my heart. You were dedicated at church on Sunday. You did so great-not even a squeal the whole service. You go back to the doctor next week for your 2 month check up i.e. shots :( We can't wait to see how much you've grown. You have to weigh over 10lbs by now. (you sure feel like it anyways) You are in size 1 diapers and wearing your 0-3 and 3 month clothes. You wore jeans and a polo onesie for the first time over the weekend and you looked so handsome.
Mama loves you to the moon and back sweet boy!
Now on to this week in pictures...

Monday, November 15, 2010

What a weekend

What an awesome weekend! Friday I had a date with my two favorite guys. I had sushi and a glass of wine for the first time in a year and was in the bed by 9:30 :) Saturday we hung out around the house watching football and playing with Turner and Cole then went to watch the game with some friends. We ended up watching the second half with mom and dad. All I can say is GO COCKS!!! SEC East Champs!!!! Sunday we had Davis' dedication at church- he did awesome-did not make a peep the whole service! We also took a 3 hour nap-it was quite nice!
Date night+gamecock victory+Davis' dedication=great weekend!

What I've come to realize...
My hair is going to be in a ponytail for the next year or so,
Bags are a permanent thing under my eyes,
My new perfume smells like sour milk,
My shirt is probably going to have spit up stains,
Our weekends are extremely low key,
I have to wear studs in my ears so that I don't risk him ripping them out,
Heels seem to be slightly dangerous when I'm carrying precious cargo,and
I wouldn't trade all of this for anything in the world. He is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I may get a little stressed when I don't get my sleep but it is all worth it b/c everyday I get to see his sweet face and get all of his sugar and when I'm holding him and he looks at me with those big eyes he just melts my heart!

I stole this quote from someone recently...
A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for. -Anonymous

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday :)

Handsome boy playing at work :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

6 wks


My sweet boy,
You are getting so big, so fast! You have been quite the busy boy this week. You went shopping Saturday (and to your first bar..haha j/k it was Wild Wings), to church and to Wal-Mart on Sunday and started work with mama on Monday. You have been sleeping in your crib for a week now and we had our first "scare" Tuesday night when the monitor went off (it goes off when it doesn't sense movement i.e. breathing and since you sleep on your tummy we are pretty paranoid about you). Of course me and Daddy both jumped up from dead little squirmy thing had somehow managed to be on your side up against the side of the crib so it thought you weren't in there. You tricked that monitor...but PLEASE don't do that to us again. You have rolled over twice this week. Once I actually had a witness so your daddy can't say I'm imagining it. We have started a new routine this week..around 7:30 bath, jammies, bottle, rock..nite nite :) Which usually results to you getting in your crib around 9. You don't get near as mad at me as you used to when I'm giving you a bath. You used to scream the entire time and now you only do it every few days. You don't too much care for me putting lotion on you though. I don't really understand why I would think it would feel good...maybe it's too cold?? AND you haven't pee peed on me in a couple of weeks. (SCORE) We are slowly adjusting to having a "schedule" and not being able to stay in our pj's cuddling on the couch all day. However, I can't wait for the weekend so that we can do that :) Sometimes it's hard for me to get stuff done b/c you just want to be in my arms 24/7 but I've come to realize that I secretly love it. I was fussing about how rotten you are but then I realized that the past 6 weeks flew by and before I know it you won't be baby anymore so I'll hold you if I want to! ha Well you have a big weekend coming up. I'm trying to talk Daddy into taking us on a date Friday night since he doesn't have to work Sat, me and you may go shopping Saturday, watch our Gamecocks Saturday night with some friends who are going to be in town for the weekend and Sunday is your dedication at church.
Love you turkey!
First trip to church...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

With just seven short weeks to go it's time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS cards!! I just love sending and receiving Christmas cards and Shutterfly makes it so easy for you to create adorable ones! Just order, pay and you get them in the going to a store and trying to figure out what you want and what can do it at 3am in your jammies if you want :)
I display the cards that we receive year-round on my fridge and love to compare each year when the new ones come in. So hear it is....shutterfly is offering 50 free holiday cards to bloggers (you can do it too here)who tell what their favorites are. With my new bundle of joy I can't wait to do mine for this year...I have tons of cute ideas already! So let me know what yall think...I'm a big stickler for the ones that actually say Merry Christmas and of course all things monogrammed... and LOVE this more modern looking one...

and LOVE LOVE LOVE this one... Guess you'll have to wait and see which one I pick :)

Back to the Grind

Phew….Davis has now been introduced to mama and daddy’s real world. We have been cooped up in the house for the most part up until this point and I just had to get out. With him approaching the big six weeks what better time to give him a taste of our craziness! Saturday Mom, Davis and I headed out for his first shopping excursion. He slept the whole way there, most of the time we were shopping and the whole way back. However, my shopping trip went from buying all things Katie to all things Davis. We had lunch at Wild Wings and hit up Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Target and Carolina Pottery! HAHA some shopping trip right?? (I did get all new ornaments for our Christmas tree so I guess you can say that part was for me.) He did EXCELLENT…so good that I may try him out again this Saturday ;) (Hey, we have to get some new outfits for our big day at church on Sunday..Davis’ dedication!!) We got home that night ordered out for supper and watched our Gamecocks really stink it up against Arkansas..we just didn’t show up this week, simply stated. Sunday we took Davis to church for the first time (which of course he did awesome), had lunch with mom and dad, and went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. And once again, he slept through the chaos of shopping there. He really is a good baby regardless of what I say on those dreaded days that he doesn’t let me get at least 7 hours.
Yesterday was our, yes our as in me and Davis, first full day back to work. He had a rough night on Sunday night which made for a rough morning yesterday but yesterday afternoon was much better. Last night we got to have supper and Mom and Dad’s as a family…as in the whole family (minus Kelley…sorry Kelley…we hope to see you soon) and were in bed by 9! Today has been much better. We really have much better days when he sleeps better at night…me and him. He def gets his grouchiness from lack of sleep from me, unfortunately.
Happy Tuesday people….

Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 wks

Wow...what a week! You had a lot of "firsts" this week..some sillier than others.
-We had our first trip in the car that was longer than 20 mins..and it was just the two of us. You did awesome! Slept the whole way there and back!
-Your first trip to Chick-Fil-A really wanted to play in the play area with your friends Dawson and Kayden but you didn't quite meet the height requirements ;)
-Then we went to Mommy's favorite place...TARGET!!! I was so excited to be there that we spent a good bit of time just checking everything out...I had to show you why it's my fav. You did really well...I'm sure it had nothing to do with Ashley holding you the whole time! HA
-Saturday we watched our Gamecocks beat just love watching football with Daddy. You stayed awake for pretty much the whole game! Halloween was also observed on Saturday so we dressed you up in your adorable costume (a.k.a. the best money mama's ever spent) and went to Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian's to show you off to Daddy's family then headed over to Duke and Gma's for supper and to pass out candy. You slept right through it all but everyone just loved your costume and said how cute you were. (Of course mama already knew that) Last stop for the night was to Aunt Suzie and Uncle Kirk's to meet your cousin Eden. She is 12 days older than you. You weren't very happen to have gotten woken up...
-You got to stay with Great Grandma for mama to take big sis Rox for her 2 year shots. I was so proud of myself..I didn't cry when I left, nor did I call 100 times to check on you. Granted I was only gone about an hour or so. Great Grandma just loved having you! She said yall just rocked the whole time :)
-You started sleeping much better this week. You have a bottle early evening and go to sleep for about 5-6 hours, eat, sleep 4 hours, eat, sleep about 3 hours and then you're ready for the day. You have been taking a good morning nap, a nap after lunch and another nap later in the afternoon.
-You just started taking 5oz bottles! All of those cute clothes are finally starting to fit! Your newborn stuff just isn't quite long enough anymore.
-You love to sleep on your stomach and after fighting it for the past 5 weeks we have finally given in to you. We hooked up the movement monitor in your crib and you have been taking your naps in there. For whatever reason you won't sleep in there at night but you'll sleep in it during the day?!?! You are sleeping in the bassinet during the day. I've been swaddling you in your "sack" and it seems to be doing the trick for now.
-You're still loving your bouncey seat and you just talk and look around checking everything out.
We're going to take it all in these last two days before the weekend b/c we (yep you and mama) start back work on Monday! Hopefully you'll continue to be the good little boy that you have been and you won't get fired the first week. Mama would hate to have to leave you everyday.