Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back to the Grind

Phew….Davis has now been introduced to mama and daddy’s real world. We have been cooped up in the house for the most part up until this point and I just had to get out. With him approaching the big six weeks what better time to give him a taste of our craziness! Saturday Mom, Davis and I headed out for his first shopping excursion. He slept the whole way there, most of the time we were shopping and the whole way back. However, my shopping trip went from buying all things Katie to all things Davis. We had lunch at Wild Wings and hit up Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Target and Carolina Pottery! HAHA some shopping trip right?? (I did get all new ornaments for our Christmas tree so I guess you can say that part was for me.) He did EXCELLENT…so good that I may try him out again this Saturday ;) (Hey, we have to get some new outfits for our big day at church on Sunday..Davis’ dedication!!) We got home that night ordered out for supper and watched our Gamecocks really stink it up against Arkansas..we just didn’t show up this week, simply stated. Sunday we took Davis to church for the first time (which of course he did awesome), had lunch with mom and dad, and went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. And once again, he slept through the chaos of shopping there. He really is a good baby regardless of what I say on those dreaded days that he doesn’t let me get at least 7 hours.
Yesterday was our, yes our as in me and Davis, first full day back to work. He had a rough night on Sunday night which made for a rough morning yesterday but yesterday afternoon was much better. Last night we got to have supper and Mom and Dad’s as a family…as in the whole family (minus Kelley…sorry Kelley…we hope to see you soon) and were in bed by 9! Today has been much better. We really have much better days when he sleeps better at night…me and him. He def gets his grouchiness from lack of sleep from me, unfortunately.
Happy Tuesday people….

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