Thursday, November 11, 2010

6 wks


My sweet boy,
You are getting so big, so fast! You have been quite the busy boy this week. You went shopping Saturday (and to your first bar..haha j/k it was Wild Wings), to church and to Wal-Mart on Sunday and started work with mama on Monday. You have been sleeping in your crib for a week now and we had our first "scare" Tuesday night when the monitor went off (it goes off when it doesn't sense movement i.e. breathing and since you sleep on your tummy we are pretty paranoid about you). Of course me and Daddy both jumped up from dead little squirmy thing had somehow managed to be on your side up against the side of the crib so it thought you weren't in there. You tricked that monitor...but PLEASE don't do that to us again. You have rolled over twice this week. Once I actually had a witness so your daddy can't say I'm imagining it. We have started a new routine this week..around 7:30 bath, jammies, bottle, rock..nite nite :) Which usually results to you getting in your crib around 9. You don't get near as mad at me as you used to when I'm giving you a bath. You used to scream the entire time and now you only do it every few days. You don't too much care for me putting lotion on you though. I don't really understand why I would think it would feel good...maybe it's too cold?? AND you haven't pee peed on me in a couple of weeks. (SCORE) We are slowly adjusting to having a "schedule" and not being able to stay in our pj's cuddling on the couch all day. However, I can't wait for the weekend so that we can do that :) Sometimes it's hard for me to get stuff done b/c you just want to be in my arms 24/7 but I've come to realize that I secretly love it. I was fussing about how rotten you are but then I realized that the past 6 weeks flew by and before I know it you won't be baby anymore so I'll hold you if I want to! ha Well you have a big weekend coming up. I'm trying to talk Daddy into taking us on a date Friday night since he doesn't have to work Sat, me and you may go shopping Saturday, watch our Gamecocks Saturday night with some friends who are going to be in town for the weekend and Sunday is your dedication at church.
Love you turkey!
First trip to church...


  1. CUTE pics :) I can't wait to see him again!! love you both!!

  2. He's beautiful Katie! I am so happy that you are both adjusting to the new schedule. You are very lucky to be able to take him with you to work!