Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Little Gamecock Turns 1!

I know it was a few weeks ago but I wanted to post about Davis' first birthday party. After many months of planning and preparing the day was finally here to celebrate our sweet boy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

12 months

Sweet boy,
To say that you have brought us joy over the past 12 months would be an understatement. We have been scared, excited, nervous and overly joyed this past year. The amount of happiness that you have brought us is unimaginable! There were times when I may have been in tears or frustrated trying to figure out this whole "mom" thing but you would always flash me those big brown eyes and melt my heart all over again. All of the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and tears are washed away when we hear you laugh. You are our everything.
You are now running through the house like a crazy person.
You are down to two bottles a day. We are working on switching from formula to whole milk. So far it has been a total fail. You know what you're used to and although it's gotta taste better than that stinky formula you get irate when I put it in your bottle.
We have decided that you can use off brand diapers now and they work just as great. Target is our brand of choice right now.
You had your second hair cut at the beginning of this month. You're such a big boy.
You got to "play" in cake a couple times, once for your 1 year pictures, on your actual birthday at home, at daycare and at your party.
You went to your first carolina football game. Of course you got tons of attention and ate every second of it up.
You can say mama, dada, duck, quack, ugh oh, ugh uh (like no), and you often repeat words that we say but only once and then we can't get you to say them again.
You had a double ear infection most of the month and we go this week to see the ENT. As much as this mama doesn't want her sweet baby to have any procedures I am beyond ready for you to feel better.
You are getting obviously getting your molars b/c everything goes straight for your mouth.
We couldn't ask for a better eater. One of your daddy's favorite things this time of year is pickled okra and you love it too!! We also introduced you to my favorite, pb&j and you LOVE it. You make quite the mess but I know how good it is so I let you.

You mastered the straw and now we can't drink anything without you wanting some. So much for no sugar love some sweet tea (don't worry he doesn't get it often)!
Your tantrums get worse as the weeks go by. You will throw yourself on the floor in a skinny minute.
You "gave" kisses for the first time this month. It was the sweetest thing ever. You grabbed my face and laid one on me! MELT. MY. HEART.
You started wearing shoes on a regular basis this month. You are not a big fan.
You have started sleeping through the night much more often.
You weighed 23 lbs 5 ozs at your 12 mth check up.