Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vay-Kay-Shun-[Picture Overload]

Last week we went to Isle of Palms for the week with my family for vacation. We were so excited to finally go on our first vacation as a family 3. We did learn that when you have a 10 month old it's not quite as relaxing as vacations used to be. However, we had a great time and made lots of memories. Davis did absolutely wonderful on the beach. He would crawl everywhere as long as I would let him. He was constantly covered in sand and enjoyed numerous sea shells. (Not including the 987234987239487 we got out of his mouth before he swallowed them.) Davis loved watching and playing with his cousins and picked up quite a few new things this week. We enjoyed yummy food, fruity drinks, shopping, snacking, ghost crabbing, playing jenga and even some grown up time. It rained 2 days but we made the best of it. We returned home exhausted with good tans. (Davis' tan lines are too stinkin' cute with his lil white hiney!) Overall=Total Success! Here's some pics from the week :) Now off to get ready for another crazy busy week/weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My cup runs over...

I promise I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. The new job is going great and my wild child is keeping me busy in the evenings and therefore I have NO time to blog. blahblahblah
Last night (just like every night) I went in to check on D before going to bed. It warms my heart to watch him sleep with his little hiney in the air.
This morning when D woke up, he was in his crib "talking" and just like every morning, I walked in and turned on his lights and that crazy haired sleepy smile just made me melt. These are some of my favorite times and I just want to soak them up and enjoy every second. He is growing way too fast. I can't help but think how blessed we are. At times it makes me think I could have 10 babies but I realize that I would need medication and some more hands :)
Exhibit A...

A certain baby boy got his first haircut and now looks like a big boy.
And then to top if off a certain little boy went from cruising to standing unassisted to taking TWO steps tonight. SOMEONE GET THIS MAMA A CHILL PILL!!!!
Next week we'll be "knee deep in the water somewhere" and it cannot come soon enough! We are in desperate need of vacay!!! Happy almost weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend in Pictures

On Saturday we had some pool time with some handsome fellas...

On Sunday we went to the beach for the day/night and joined a bunch of friends...
Davis getting sugar from Aunt Lindsay
Playing with Aunt Donna in the sand
Walking with mama
Mama let me touch this stuff already!
A quick dip in the pool after the beach
After a long day on the beach we heard the ice cream truck and Davis just had to partake in this experience. However, Davis had a Spongebob Popsicle yet he has chocolate all over his mouth??? AUNT APRILLLL!
April's parents begged to keep D and let us have some adult time. I was so nervous with him being in a different place but they said he did great! (Of course I called to check on him a time or two)Some of the girls
We ran into gamecock football player, Dion LeCorn and of course we had to get a picture..(check out that SEC East bling :) )
A picture of the recently engaged couple...the soon to be Mr. and Dr. Spitz :)
This is how we found Davis and Mr. Richard when we came home. Ricky (April's fiance) was begging to wake Davis up. They were buddies on our trip.Home for the 4th of July celebration. Davis' crazy grandma thought she needed to decorate the golf cart.
We met up with Shane, Hilary and Eve. Davis was not feeling so hot as you can tell.