Friday, April 29, 2011

7 months

My oh has it been SEVEN months already?!?!
You have changed drastically this past month. You started the month out as a baby and ended it as a big boy. I can't imagine what this next month will bring. You bring us so much joy and we are so lucky that He chose us for your your parents. When I was pregnant with you people would come up to me all the time and say "you can't even imagine the love you will have for him" or "it is the best thing in the world". Of course I knew that it was going to be special but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would be this special. You make us so happy and even during the rough times of no sleep or when you're being a whiney hiney you still seem to bring a smile to our faces. Now onto the good stuff...what you've been up to this month....
  • In one month you went from barely sitting up to sitting up, to getting up on all fours, to rocking, to scooting, to crawling, to getting your hands or should I say mouth on everything you possible can and pulling up. (The other morning you tried to pull yourself up on the curtains...accident waiting to happen!)
  • You got your first tooth a couple weeks ago and your second is just peaking through the gum.
  • You learned how to get out of your bouncey seat. I'm not sure how it went down I went to the bathroom and when I came out you were sitting under the tv. Yes, under the tv where all of the pictures are, just smiling at me like "look what I did".
  • You moved to your big boy carseat and although your daddy refers to it as a La Z Boy you still don't really like it. You simply just do not like anything that holds you down.
  • You don't want spend as much time in the Jumperoo since you've realized that you can "go" places.
  • You have tried numerous "real" foods and have seemed to enjoy most. You also got some Puffs and some yogurt melts in your Easter basket and are trying to figure out this whole pick up and put in your mouth thing. I can't figure out how you can put anything else in your mouth yet get frustrated when you trying to get food in it. Hmmm (Uncle Trey letting you suck on a bone)
  • Your sleep habits have been absolutely horrible this month. You have only slept through the night a hand full of times. You normally wake up between 3-4 every night. In fact the one night you slept through I woke up at 4 to check on you. Crazy mama.
  • You're wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • You eat stage 2 solids 3 times a day and have 4 6oz bottles a day.
  • You started clapping this week and we're working on waving bye-bye. Daddy thinks he can teach you so we'll see how it goes.
  • You started drinking out of a sippy cup and since then you've decided that you can in fact hold your own bottle. Now I can get ready while you give yourself your bottle in the morning and maybe just maybe I can start getting to work on time.
  • You still love your big furry sister and now that she has figured out what you're doing in that tall chair she likes you pretty good too. She likes those puffs too!
  • Your favorite toys are get this, NOISE makers! Anything that makes noise is what you insist on playing with. Gma keeps buying them for you. (Mama may have to have a little talk with her.) You also got an outside swing that you enjoy.
Lastly, son, we need to talk. You have done EVERYTHING in front of your daddy first. He has managed to get most of it on camera to show me as soon as I walk in the door every time. Do you think you could save some stuff for me? Please?? I mean I'm the one who rocks you to sleep, gets up with you every night and does most things for you. Don't you think we could work something out? Maybe you've got something up your sleeve like saying Ma Ma for your first word? (You keep saying something that I'm convinced is Ma-Ma but no one believes me.)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You may be an old married lady if...

You are extremely excited about this new beauty....
YES, I finally got my stove that I've been asking for. I'm pretty sure that we were the only people without a flat top. But not anymore :)
AND, what would one cook for their first experience..well since you got it...chocolate chip cookies. Yep, I'm an old married lady!
Happy cooking!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A week in pictures...

Between birthdays, good Friday, my cousin's wedding and Easter we had a busy weekend, to say the least.
Wednesday night we celebrated husband's 29th birthday. I made sausage, potatoes, onions and peppers (not sure what it's called) and a cookie cake. It was quite scrumptious if I do say so myself.Davis and Daddy opening presents...
Singing Happy Birthday...
Tasting the cookie...Friday BJ, Turner and I went fishing to catch "bait". It was an experience with our nephew that we know he will always remember. (He always talks about things that we do with him and remembers EVERYTHING!) That evening Trey, Mindy, Turner, Cole, BJ, Davis and myself hung out and ate pizza at the river. The guys set lines for catfish and checked them periodically. Look at "da biggest fish I ever saw"-Cole .....Davis was very interested in the fish and wanted to get it. Of course mommy ruined all the fun.
Saturday we got all dolled up and headed to my cousin Leslie's wedding. It was very sweet and everything was beautiful. Before the ceremony I went to see Leslie. As soon as I opened the door I started crying. She looked so happy and just gorgeous. Mindy and I had a good time dancing at the reception.Sunday we woke up let D go through his basket, got dressed and headed to church. We ate lunch with Grandma, Duke and Great Grandma and even got in a good Sunday nap.His basket from Grandma and Duke minus the goodies...It was a busy weekend but it was fun.
Now let's conquer this week and bring on another one :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thursday

  • Look where I ate lunch today. I could not be more excited that we FINALLY have a Chick-Fil-A! Today was the grand opening and they even gave me (along with everyone else but most importantly ME) a coupon for a free breakfast item. Helllooooo summer I will never be bathing suit ready with the temptation of chicken biscuits, chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, milkshakes.....YUM-O
  • This is a picture of the video (yes picture of the video, I can't figure out how put the video on here) that hubster sent me when I was on my way home from work the other day of sweet cheeks crawling. Yes, I cried.
  • Is this picture not precious?!? I love how Cole is "loving" on Davis these days. He has come a long way and D just watches every move he makes. I know soon he will be following big cuz around like a little puppy. Yes, I referred to my child as a little puppy.
  • Big shout out to my friends, Kris and Bruce, on their 20th anniversary.
  • Yall are seriously going to DIE when yall see love bug's Easter bucket. It could not have turned out any cuter! (You'll have to wait until the Easter bunny comes to see pics though :))
  • Do yall get sick of all of the many things that I call my child? Get over it, he's mine (okay, ours) and I'll call him what I want!
  • I love a pair of linen pants, they are so comfortable but at the end of the day they look horrible b/c they get so wrinkled. Good gravy!
  • Can I get a big Vicki, WOOHOOOOO on tomorrow being good Friday and getting a long weekend?? WOOO HOOO :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Boys!

Happy birthday to two of my favorite fellas!!! This is one of my favorite pics of the birthday boys and it was taken three years ago. Now my sweet little nephew is a sweet boy (7) and husband who is now a daddy-o is almost an old man ;) (29) hehe (just kidding I joke but I know we are pretty young)
Turner is one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. He knows just what to say and when to say it. I am so fortunate that God blessed our family with such a smart/handsome/loving little boy. He has really grown up so much over the past year but still allows you to kiss him in public. He's so precious.
As for husband, it's so funny that when we started dating he was 21, starting his first "real" job, then came his first "big" purchases (truck, house, my bling) and look where we are now! A lot has happened in those almost 8 years. I'm so grateful that God chose such a hardworking husband for me and our family.
Now off to celebrate-I'll take some pics tonight for yall :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Just in case yall forgot...I've got the sweetest, happiest baby...EVERRRRR. He has been getting some extra snuggle time with his Mama b/c he has her wrapped around his lil pinky and she (although she said she would NEVER do this) has been letting him sleep with her when he wakes up before she is ready for him to get up. Of course once he gets snuggled up he goes right back to sleep for a bit longer :)
  • Saturday Davis and I went on a little trip. We went and met Nicole and the kiddos for lunch (they were headed to Disney on Ice which she said they absolutely LOVED) did some shopping, went to a shower (a lingerie shower at that-yes I took my baby to a lingerie shower) and to a birthday party. It was quite the busy day. One would think that a certain little fella would have slept all night b/c of that busy day...WRONG! Davis with Dawson and KaydenThe bride and sweet boy
Some family...
  • Sunday we went to Uncle Trey's church to see him sing in the Easter Cantata. I have to say watching my big bro in the church choir is quite humorous. He is a pretty funny fella and doesn't put it away during church either...his facial expressions were quite hilarious.
  • Husband wanted to take babylove to his sister's for the afternoon and us go to the river. I did not want to go but went and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I've been reading a book for months now (it's not that it isn't any good I just don't get the time) and I read half of it while he was fishing. It was so peaceful. Not to mention I caught some rays...
  • Does anyone remember this baloon?? IT IS STILL KICKIN'! Or should I say was kickin' b/c I def put the scissors to it tonight b/c I was tired of looking at it. Seriously a balloon that lasts over 2 months? Gma got her money out of it ;)
A certain little boy got his first tooth this weekend AND started crawling. Seriously, both in the same weekend. Why is he growing up so fast?!?! Def time to baby proof-Davis is on the loose!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring has def Sprung! We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and I have not had time to blog. I'm sorry. I've been slammed at work and in the evenings it is non stop until D is down and once he's down...this mama goes to bed too!
A little of what we've been up too....
  • Little League has started in our town and that means between Cole, Turner, Payton and Hunter there are games 4 days out of the week!!! We have enjoyed it but have quickly realized that we are not going to be able to attend every game. While D loves all of the extra attention he gets there it is a bit much getting home after 8 every night when he normally goes to bed at 8:30....that means feed, bathe, bottle and BED!
  • Grandma got a new ride. She went from a convertible bug to a Cadillac SRX. Explain that one...she said needed something that carseats could fit in. However she is still driving the bug b/c she can't seem to "part" with her dream car.
  • Grandma also had some surgery yesterday. She had the bones of the inside of both feet shaved and pins put in. YUCK! She is down for two weeks and wearing two big 'ol boots. We went over last night (dad's out of town for work) and cooked supper. I made Chicken Primavera and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake that I found here. And they were both quite delish.
  • Uncle Paul and Aunt Kelley had their 20 week ultrasound yesterday and it confirmed that they are in fact having a boy, Nathan Orie Davis. (Orie was my gf's name) And yes this means 4 boys and 0 girls for the Davis family. Turner used to say maybe Aunt Katie can get a girl however this weekend he said he thinks he likes it being all boys.
  • TWO of our friends that we have grown up with announced that they are both expecting in November!
  • A certain big boy got a new big boy carseat. (Yet it's still sitting in the living room...)
  • We have a busy couple of weeks coming up with two very important guys having birthdays, hubbylove/baby daddy and my first born nephew Turner Dane next Wed (yes they have the same bday), my cousin Leslie getting married and Easter next weekend and we're hosting a shower for Tripp and Stacey and their precious "no name yet" baby girl the following weekend.
Here are some pics from the past few days...
D wore his Easter shirt for the first time Friday..ain't he just precious!!!Cole giving Davis some sugar after his game. He sure has come a long way since D was born.Cole and Weston after their game.These two can't seem to get enough of their mama!Big boy in his new seat...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Days Like This

It's days like this, today, that I so wish I could spend everyday with my sweet, adorable son. I, never in a million years, thought that "I" would want to be a stay at home mom. (I normally can't stand staying home) That was until the day I had to leave babykins for the first time and come back to work. Some days aren't as bad as others but some days I miss him SOOOO much. I read about so many SAHM and I can't help but envy them. At the same time I realize that b/c we would like a "new to us" house and all of the adorable cuteness that I have a habit of buying the cutest baby only makes sense for me to work, to contribute.
Boogie playing outside at daycare....
Two sweet babies!
My mom was trying to take a picture of him and I can only imagine that he was jumping up and down and trying to grab the phone...I know you're probably thinking..."at least he looks happy in all of these pics" but it still makes me really sad that I feel like I'm missing so much :(
Don't get me wrong, I realize that I am extremely fortunate to have a job and one that understands that I am a mom and that "shit happens" but I still wish that I could be home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Face Lift

I'm so excited about my new blog look. I definitely needed some help and Danielle Moss delivered. Of course I HAD to use one of our pics from D's 6 month session. Although he was asleep this was one of my favorites...and baby girl....well isn't she darlin'?!? Thanks bunches, Danielle!
I think D is finally back to his old sleeping ways (I sure hope this doesn't jinx it!). He has been going down at 8:30 and sleeping until 7-7:30 and I couldn't be happier! This mama needs her sleep.
Quick weekend re-cap..
Saturday we nearly shopped til we dropped. We left at 10:30 and did not get home until 9:30! Don't worry while we did shop the majority of the day we also did lots of socializing. Ashley H. went with D and I and we met up with Aubrey, April and Ricky and Erin. We shopped all around Charleston, ate good food and brought home lots of goodies. I managed to get some bday gifts for hubs, an adorable bathing suit for lovebug and a couple things for myself.
Sunday we went to church, lunch with mom then hubs went out in the boat while Mom, D and I headed to Lowe's. We got flowers, ferns and more flowers. I got home and got everything planted while D sat in his bumbo seat in the grass and tried to see how many leaves he could sneak in his mouth. Of course b/c I got all of this done it is supposed to frost tonight. Seriously. Ridiculous!
Somehow we've almost made it to Wednesday! Woo hoo!
I'll leave you with some pics..
Two sweet babies...Babylove has this new face that he keeps making..not sure what that's all about (Please note the "I Voted" sticker, he had to help Daddy make the right choice :)..

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Randomness

This week has been slightly exhausting to say the least. I know, can I get some cheese with that whine??? But seriously, my child has decided that he does not want to sleep at night and it is getting the best of his Mama. I came home today and tried to take a quick nap to somewhat catch up and prepare for another night. Let's hope he (we) sleep some tonight so that we can be well rested for a big day of shopping tomorrow. I know, I know you're thinking why wouldn't you stay home in your pj's and nap any chance you get. My theory: The weekend is only two days and as exhausted as I may be, I'll worry about that later.
Yall may be thinking..."You must be saving tons of money with all of this couponing you've been doing.."HA what a joke...ya see, I've mentioned before that I have a weakness for all things cute for my adorable child....These are some things that I have purchased this week. I think I mentioned that someone contacted me through another website that had a pic of D wearing something monogrammed and she said that she had a "Davis" and had tons of monogrammed stuff and wondered if I was interested in buying them for cheap..YES, PLEASE! Then I went to one of the local boutiques and fell in love with the other two pretties. Too bad I had to pay that boutique price.
I got the stuff for a Spring wreath for our front door. Isn't it pretty? I'd be lying if I said I made it but I did watch so that maybe next time I can figure it out :) And the pic below it...two taterheads peaking through the blinds trying to see what I'm doing...Happy weekend party people!!