Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Update

Here is the past week in pictures...
Davis' sweet Valentine's Him trying sweet potatoes (wearing his heart breaker Valentine's onesie)
Some recent purchases...the sad thing this is half of the stuff I have bought lately...
Love Bug in the hospital...
Mommy and Boogie in the crib...
He has never done this before but was snuggling with a little puppy blankie
Trying to sit up like a big boy
Waiting to be DISCHARGED (Valentine's Day)!!!Our first walk in the warm weather...come on Spring!!! AND my baby boy's first time sitting in the stroller without the car seat....too big for his britches! (Although we are bundled up b/c the sun was going down and we didn't want to risk D getting sicker.D in his Jumperoo focusing on that dang ginormous singing balloon..Lastly, yummy red velvet cake balls that I made for lover boy for vday :)


  1. I always love seeing new pics of your babe. He is a doll. Makes me wanna hug him! Also, good job on teh cake balls...they look difficult to make! Did BJ love em?

  2. Love the new pics...I hope I can love on him tomorrow night! I"m impresed with the red velvet balls, I need the recipe! XOXO

  3. He is so precious!!! Too cute! And those red velvet cake balls...oh dear...yum!