Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Thank the good Lord we are half way through the week. I'm linking up with Jamie for what I'm loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that a dear friend and old co-worker is teaching me to coupon. Yesterday I went to Walgreen's and got hand sanitizer, body wash, a Venus Embrace razor and Charmin toilet paper for $22.00 and here is the kicker, they gave me $11 to spend next week. So it's like getting all of that for $11.00. I'm going to be a couponin' sonovagun ;)

I'm loving that this weekend one of my college roommates from Ohio is coming south and we are getting together. I can't wait to see her sweet babies (She has 3 under the age of 3, Ethan who will be 3 in May and Carlie and Saige (twin girls) who will be 1 in May..holy moly bless her heart).

I'm loving that Kelly's post Monday reminded me that I bought some dry shampoo while I was on maternity leave and never really got around to using it. I tried it once in a hurry but threw my hair up in a ponytail almost immediately due to the hustle and bustle. This morning I tried it and used some scrunching spray afterward and vavoom. And b/c of this little time saving tip I made it to work on time for a change...not early, just on time.

I'm loving that ever since baby love graced us with his presence I've felt all festive around the holidays. I created some absolutely adorable cards (and even some cute return address labels) and mailed to some of his friends. I'm also hoping to get to make these this weekend for D's daycare workers and maybe some for hubby to take to work. They look really easy and yum-o and with my couponing skills I'll get the stuff for nearly nothing!

Lastly, I'm loving that God chose me to be Mrs. Ehrhardt and Davis' mommy. Oh and of course I'm thankful for all of my wonderful blog friends :)

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