Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Today I'm linking up with Carissa for Miscellany Monday.

1. Saturday Ashley and I went and saw Just Go With It and it did not disappoint. I'm a fan of Adam Sandler and you throw in Jennifer Aniston and well we all know it's just set for greatness.

2. Today at lunch was operation rape Wal Mart and Walgreen's. I did good but was slightly disappointed with WalMart. They didn't have a few things that were on sale and on a few items they weren't listed on sale as they said online. (ahemm) However, I still managed to get a Gillette Fusion razor, Nieva chapstick, tampons, Goody's ouchless hair ties, two packs of Orbit gum, two travel size Aquafresh toothpaste, Philadelphia cooking creme and herbal essence moose for $15 after coupons and register rewards. I still have $3 in register rewards that expire tomorrow (I forgot to use them) so I will be going back either today or tomorrow and getting something else so that I don't lose them. Woo Hoo for couponing :) I'm slowly learning!

3. If I don't get my house organized soon I'm going to lose it. Hubs thinks I'm ridiculous but it is seriously driving me CRAZY. We are talking nut-house crazy. D's closet, the guest room and my kitchen cabinets are out of control. I think I will start in D's room tonight.

4. Baby D has become slightly obsessed with big sis Foxie Roxie. Now that he knows how to work his hands, when she is close enough he is holding on to her ears or poking her poor eyeballs. And of course sweet baby girl just sits there and takes it. I can't wait to see them as he gets older. I know that she will have a new love for him once he starts eating "real" food and begins sharing with her.

Happy Monday..can't wait for The Bachelor tonight :)

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