Friday, December 31, 2010

Twenty Ten

Phew what a year!!!
This year brought tears of sorrow, tears of laughter and just plain tears of joy. It's so hard to believe that last year, on this very day, I was a little sad. I had just taken yet another pregnancy test and gotten yet another negative result. God definitely had a plan for us and although we were being very impatient, the wait was definitely worth it. We are so lucky.
We are headed to see the birthday girl a/k/a KK (our niece Kalyn) who turned 9 today, then to a cookout with some of BJ's family and to celebrate his cousin's bday as well. Although we will def be keeping it low key with our wee one in tow. And of course I can't leave out watching our gamecocks play!!!! D has been decked out today in his gamecock gear in preparation of the game. GO COCKS!!! (I'll have to post a pic later with some of his new cute usc stuff he got for Christmas..including some cute little shoes!!)
I pray that everyone has a fun yet safe night tonight.
I'm pretty sure this year is going to be hard to's to giving it a shot...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 months

Not real sure about this new toy...
Maybe I do like it...Favorite place to sleep a/k/a mommy's chest
Who took my baby and replaced him with this big boy?!? Although your Daddy and I can't wait to watch you grow and experience all the fun and not so fun things with you, we still wish you would slow down a tiny bit. You are growing like a weed and becoming more alert each day.
This week you definitely discovered your hands. You can't seem to keep them out of your mouth. And slobber..goodness boy! Daddy and I keep feeling your gums to see if you're teething already b/c of all of this.
If I had $1 for every time I tell someone "watch this" I'd be rich b/c you do the funniest things and make the cutest faces. I could eat you with a spoon!
Daddy has been wanting to put your jumperoo together since we received it as a gift at a shower. I finally told him this week to go ahead. He put it together yesterday and you spent some time in it last night and tonight. We did have to put a pyrex dish under your feet since you couldn't reach the ground but you seem to like it. Or maybe you just like the silly person that sits in front of it and talks silly to you?? Will go with you liking it ;)
You haven't been sleeping as good this week. You've actually spent two nights in your swing. (Which makes your daddy really nervous.) Daddy says that you have your mama wrapped around your little pinkie b/c all you have to do is whimper and I'm picking you up. I feel like I miss too much time with you these days (b/c of work) to listen to you cry. You're only this small once and well if I want to hold you...I will.
You had a great first Christmas and got spoiled by many and now we're getting ready for our first NYE with you. I'm pretty sure will be home either sitting in the couch in our pj's or already asleep at midnight. But that is okay b/c we are perfectly happy with you.
You are wearing some 3 month, 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. This weekend I will be packing up all of your newborn and some of the 3 month stuff. Some of it you only got to wear once! (I told ya you're growing fast!)
Baby cakes you've made this year so special for your mama and daddy and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you and our little family...just remember...I’ll love you forever,I’ll like you for always,As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

Santa Baby...

Christmas Eve with the Davis family
Annual Fireworks

Baby girl

Happy baby on Christmas morning
Santa must know how sweet Davis is..
Yikes...and this isn't even half of his loot
Nana came to see what Santa brought

Pick me, pick me...seriously what's up with the hand raising??
Uncle Paul and Aunt Kelley
Cole in his Buzz Lightyear box :)
playing with Uncle Trey

Duke in his boys...

Our first Christmas as a family!

eskimo baby
Davis, Mama and Roxie in the non-sticking snow

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa comes to town...

Let me start off by saying Davis is one loved little boy. We are so fortunate to have so many people love our sweet baby. He has no idea how lucky he is.
That being said...we had an amazing "first" Christmas as a family.
It started on Wednesday. Davis and I went to see Auntie Ape at her parent's house while she was home. (I spent lots of time there growing up and it's always nice to go over and chit chat with her and her parents and of course now let them play with D) They gave D a cute outfit and a Gamecock stocking. We talked and talked about everything from celebrities to the latest town gossip.
On Thursday, while Daddy was working Mama and Davis took a trip to Nicole's to do Christmas with her family. D got an adorable outfit..can't wait for him to wear it! The Nicole and the kids loved on D and Nicole, Phillip and I got to just talk...mostly about Christmas and santa and everything else..ha. I also stopped by an adorable boutique while I was there and got him a really cute Christmas outfit for next year at 50% off cha-ching! Then on the way home we stopped by Ashley H's to exchange gifts with her. She gave D
Friday (aka Christmas Eve)we hung out around the house most of the day then later ventured out to the Weeks residence to let them get some D lovin' and a Gamecock happened to stop by so D got his first pic with a Carolina Gamecock football player... Good luck AJ and the rest of the gamecocks in atl Friday! We will be rooting you on! We then went home got ready and headed to church for communion then to Christmas with my dad's family. Where D got some more love and tons of Gamecock stuff from one of my cousins. (We draw names and he happened to get D and being a 17-18 year old boy had no clue what to buy a baby but he did great!! Gamecock shoes, socks, sippy cup, etc.) Afterwards, me, hubs and my dad headed over to some friends for the annual Christmas Eve fireworks display that we've started a couple years ago. Mom of course was thrilled that she got to sit at our house with D. We came home to them both passed out in the recliner..I wish I would have taken a pic.
Saturday (aka Davis's first Christmas!!!!) we woke up at 8 opened all of our gifts as well as all of D's gifts. He was in such a good mood but had no clue what was going on or even an interest in the presents. His Nana and Gma both stopped by to see him while hubs and I made macaroni and cheese, banana pudding and chocolate chip m&m cookies for our day's events. We headed over to B's oldest sister's house for lunch and presents with his family, which D slept through the entire thing. Opening all of those gifts must have worn him slap out. Then we had Christmas with my family at mom and dad's which we got even more. Lastly, we headed to my gma's for spirits and appetizers where D got even more adorable clothes and toys.
Sunday we were planning on going to church but when we got up it was SNOWING (yes, in South Carolina, where I'm pretty sure it hasn't snowed on Christmas all of my life at least). We bundled D up to where he could not even move, poor eskimo baby, ran outside and posed for a pic then went back inside for the remainder of the day. We had a few visitors stop by and see little man but that sums up our long/busy weekend. Can't believe it's already Monday..and it's almost over...yipee I'm ready to get my baby :) More Christmas pics to come...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 weeks

BJ jr,
You look more and more like your daddy everyday. It's a good thing you don't act like him ;) This week you have had tons more "firsts" and we can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you. Y
ou are the sweetest and happiest baby I've ever seen. You smile at me in the middle of the night, early in the morning, all day and night. You either think I'm the funniest person ever or the craziest person ever. You are constantly laughing at me and I love it!
You've gotten much "busier" this week. You get those arms and legs going and the bouncy seat just rocks and rocks. I'm beginning to think I should start strapping you down.
You have def discovered your hand and keep them in your mouth. You have become quite the slobber monster too.
You didn't sleep as good this week as you did last week but it's okay, I secretly cherish those times with you.
You started wearing some 3-6mth clothes this week as well as size 2 diapers.
You also started drinking 7 ozs each feeding.
You had a pitiful cough this week but are feeling much better now.
You seem to have really enjoyed the Christmas tree this week as well as the tv. I let you watch Baby Einstein this morning and you seemed to enjoy it.
You made your first piece of "artwork" for Mommy and Daddy this week at daycare and I loved it. It was a painting of a snowman made out of your footprint.
You have already gotten a few Christmas presents from some of Mommy's friends and have tons more to open throughout the weekend. You've been wearing your Christmas stuff all week and have two santa suits to wear tom and sat.
Alright you're pretending to pitch a fit so I'll rock you..duty calls :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go away germies!!!

Ugh...the Ehrhardt household keeps passing around some sick germs. We have all had it twice now. I've had enough of it and am currently trying to kick it's booty out the door! I have sanitized and washed and sanitized and washed some more. This weekend we (Davis and I mostly since Daddy had to work) didn't leave the house or our pj's for that matter due to his "neediness of his mommy" of course I am 100% okay with him needing his mommy but he does not have to get sick to get his point across. He has just wanted to be held and rocked. He has been a little cranky but mostly his regular self. On Sunday he got me good...real good. He was giving me sugars and laughing when he spit in on my face!!! YUCKY!!! I guess it is true-there is a first time for everything!
So glad it's a short week and can't wait to see everyone for Christmas but especially to spend our first Christmas as a family with our precious baby boy. He is getting tons of stuff and he doesn't even have a clue what's going on ;)
Hope everyone else is well.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas from our home to yours

Now that all of the cards are out...
We hope yall have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

11 weeks

Santa Baby...


Being this cute is exhausting.

Helping mama with Christmas cards...

Chunky Monkey,
You get sweeter and sweeter everyday. This week you have started a few things. You are such a happy baby. I have videoed you a few times this week justa' playin' and talkin' and laughin'! Of course when you realize that I have the camera you stop-you little stinker. You get yourself so excited and it is so fun to watch. If I had a dollar for every time your daddy or myself said "watch him" I'd be rich! When I "give you sugars" you kiss me back with an open mouth and occasionally stick your little tongue in my mouth. It's okay if you want to give your mommy tongue sugars for the next few years then it may be a little weird. If and when you do pee pee on me/yourself it's always when you're in the bathtub, after you've been washed and fixing to get then we have to do it all over. Which is fine with me b/c you seem to enjoy it so. We have switched the nipples on your bottles to level 2, for 3 month olds and now you can take it down in 15 mins like a champ. It makes those early morning feedings so much easier. Which by the way you have slept until 5:30, had a bottle and gone back down until 7 or so 3 times this week...which we consider sleeping all night. You are now on Similac Sensitive and have been for a couple weeks. You seem to be doing much better with it and hardly ever spit up. You struggled with your first cold this past week and are doing better but still have to have your booga nose suctioned, which by the way you are slowly coming around to that obnoxious invention. You began wearing 3mth pants this week and although they are a little baggy in your booty (or lack thereof) they look much more comfortable. You seem to be doing great at daycare except for the fact that you like to know what's going much that you don't get your naps out b/c you're scared you will miss something. Sweet boy, I now know a love like no other because of you. You mean so much to me and daddy and we are so proud to be your parents. Today more than ever I cannot wait to see your sweet face and get your lovin'. Ya see, mommy has heard of so many who have struggled with the loss of children and just wants to cherish every minute with you. I can't imagine what those mothers have gone/are going through. I pray that I will never know. Tonight I may kiss you a few times extra before I put you to bed or squeeze you a little tighter when I hug you. Just know that I love you to the moon and back...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesday

-I've come to realize that I'm obsessed with my baby boy and I know I talk about him non-stop I'm sorry if it gets on your nerves. Actually, no I'm not..get over it! He's cute and you know it!
-I've spent entirely too much on myself to be so close to Christmas but I feel like b/c I had to wear frumpy maternity clothes for so long I'm allowed to. Regardless of what baby daddy says. And yes, sometimes I hide things in the closet and say "oh this, I've had it forever, you really need to start paying more attention" or "I just haven't found the time to wear it"
-Did I tell you how adorable my sweet boy is?!?! ;)
-While I'm "working" I print my own address labels {using work paper}, write blog posts, pay bills, online shop, check Facebook {obsessively} and TONS of other "non work related" things. What are you going to do, tell on me?!?
-I recently was talked into purchasing a pair of jeggings yet I can't talk myself into wearing them in public b/c I feel like they look silly.
-After hubs leaves for work I sometimes let Davis snuggle with me in bed...shhh don't tell him!! haha
-I'm still putting Halloween and Thanksgiving bibs and pj's on Davis at home...who cares..nobody sees him in them but me and his daddy.
-Although hubs and I said we weren't going to do much for D for Christmas since he doesn't need anything we have gotten a bunch of "stuff" and can't wait for Christmas morning!! (I may or may not have already opened one thing and he may or may not have giggled at the noises/lights/mirror that cute little caterpillar makes :))
-Roxie has been obnoxiously difficult to get outside this week...I know it's cold baby girl but in a few hours when you're doing the pee-pee dance and no one is here to let you out you will be thankful since you know better than to use the carpet!
-I can't wait for 4:59 daily so that I can rush home to my sweet boy, put on my jammies and talk real funny to him (it makes him laugh..not sure if it's b/c he thinks I'm crazy or funny)and get all the sugar I possibly can before he goes nite-nite.
-I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.
-I'm super jealous of my biggest brother and sis-in-law..they are leaving tomorrow for a cruise to celebrate their 10 yr anniversary. How lucky they are to escape this cold weather.
-I got on the scale last night and I've managed to lose 5lbs since my 6 wk appt...I actually weigh less than I did when I got pregnant. How exciting?!?! (Although, I'm not sure how with all of the Christmas goodies I've been partaking in.)
-I could kiss the inventor of remote start...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Mary, Joseph and Sweet Baby Jesus :)

Davis did a fabulous job as Baby Jesus, of course I had no doubts, he's just such a good baby....not trying to toot my own horn or anything. I also had his picture made with Santa on Saturday. We had to wait in line for like an 1 1/2 and when we were just about to the front he fell he's slept right through Santa. He may get to see him at church on Wednesday though..we'll see what he thinks then.

Hope you're having a good Monday and if not maybe these pictures made you smile!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!!!

Today, December 12, 2010, I am proud to say that Davis Samuel Ehrhardt...SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOOO! Of course Daddy is so jealous b/c he is out of town and didn't get to benefit from it :) He went to bed at 10:30 last night and woke up at 6, had a bottle and went back down until 8:30! Now if only we can get him to continue this...
Hope everyone has had a great weekend. I have gotten a lot of time with my sweet boy since daddy-o has been with the guys for "Man Weekend at the Swamp". Friday D went to work with me b/c he has managed to catch his first cold. I feel like a terrible mother since he is only 10 weeks and has already managed to catch something. Thank goodness we were just able to give him a nasal decongestant and he is much better.
Saturday night Ashley and I went and got much needed pedicures then came home to chunky monkey and caught up on some dvr. Yesterday we went shopping with Mom, Grandma, and Mindy. Boy oh boy did we shop! We got tons and were packed in my car like sardines with all of our purchases. Last night Davis and I went to see Kensley and Dylan in the Nutcracker. They both did wonderful and I am so proud of them...must have been those good luck cupcakes we took them Friday :)
Today it is really nasty out so we are going to hang out in our pj's as long as possible. We have our big debut as Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus tonight at church though. Wish us luck-hopefully he behaves.
Off to wrapping presents :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 weeks

Sweet Boy,
You are 10 weeks old today. You have grown and changed so much in the past weeks. At your appointment two weeks ago you weighed 11lbs 7ozs and were 23 inches long. I'm guessing that you weigh at least 12 1/2 lbs now. You are growing like a weed!
You are very alert these days too. Your favorite toy this week is the ceiling fan. YES, the ceiling fan!! You are amazed by it. Whether you are being held, laying on the floor, or in the bouncy seat you are staring up at it smiling and laughing.
You also have discovered that you like your swing this week. I think it's because of the mobile..the same concept as the ceiling fan.
You are starting to figure out that your hands can hold things and you have starting grabbing/reaching for things. Your daddy is convinced that you have discovered your tongue. Every time he sticks his tongue out at you you do it back. I think it's coincidence but he thinks you're just that advanced ;)
You are still in size 1 diapers but I have a feeling that we won't have to buy anymore of those...size 2 here comes chunky butt!
You are wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothing. I've been putting some of your newborn pants on you still and your daddy has a fit and says they are too small. I think it's funny that your lil tummy hangs over :)
You are eating 6ozs every 3 1/2 hours.
You wake up 2 times a night...once around 12-1 (Daddy gets up with you) and once around 4-5 (Mommy gets up with you).
You LOVE bath time but HATE, absolutely HATE lotion time.
You started day care this week too. You have been doing good but mommy hates leaving you and can't wait to pick you up everyday.
Lastly, you also have discovered your big sister this week. Roxie girl loves her some Davis! She loves to kiss you and get in your face and you just stare at her like she's crazy.
Please slow down sweet boy. Mama wants this time to last forever.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why is it so difficult?

It's that time of year again...CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! And, with the new addition it seems 100xs more difficult to get a decent picture. I took about 50 pics tonight of our babies and not one will work! Back to the drawing board we go...
We had a low key weekend since I'm still crippled...
Friday we ordered pizza and went to bed early. Sat we woke up early and decided to get some shopping done we just went to a few places and came back home. I guess I did too much b/c I was struggling that afternoon/night. And of course it didn't help that our gamecocks didn't show up in ATL for the SEC championship :( It was a rough game yet I was still sad that we couldn't go b/c of my back. However, it looks like we may get to make a trip to ATL at the end of this month b/c we got picked for the Chick-Fil-A bowl. Guess we'll have to see what the rest of the fam wants to do.
Update on my back...I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and am going to a specialist tomorrow to learn more and see what my options are for pain management. I am so ready to be back to 100%. This couch and living room are getting on my nerves! Please say a little prayer for us as we head to the specialist tomorrow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still kickin'

I'm still hanging in there. I had an MRI on Tuesday and am still waiting to hear from the doctor. Feeling a little better. I've had tons of help with D from my mom, grandma and mil. They have been my saving grace this week b/c I couldn't even bend over to pick him up out of his crib :( He is getting extremely rotten with all of the extra attention but we will adjust when it is all over. As you can guess it doesn't look like we'll be making our big trip this weekend to see the gamecocks play for the SEC championship...which I am so upset about. I was really looking forward to our first family getaway. Anyways back to work I go (today is my first day back this week).

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The Ehrhardt's-Thanksgiving 2010
Crazy Mama...

8 weeks old

I love how he's laughing at me...
Sorry I've been so slack but here it goes...
This year and every year we have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed beyond. We thank God everyday for all of our many blessings but most of all this year we are thankful for our 11+lb turkey. He brightens everyday when he stares at us with those big eyes and especially when he smiles at us. That being said...
We had an awesome week/weekend. Wednesday Davis and I had our date with the girls...he ate all of that attention up! He was a little fussy at first but after he had his bottle he was SO happy. He for the third time in a week only got up once that night. Thursday we got up and started cooking, hung out with Uncle Paul, watched the parade and headed to mom and dad's for lunch with the family. We had a great time hanging out with everyone and once again he enjoyed all of the attention (he may be a little rotten) we came home late afternoon and got him settled then a took a nap to get ready for my big shopping trip. Yes, I was one of those crazies who went shopping at 1am! I loved it, it just gets me in the Christmas spirit. Plus I got almost ALL of my shopping done. Which is good b/c we have a busy couple weeks coming up. I was a little sad about being away from my sweet boy for the first time though but I sucked it up. I came home let D stay with mom for a couple hours, took a 3 hour nap and B and I headed to pick out our Christmas tree. That night we had a few friends over to watch some football and hang out. Saturday we decorated our tree with all of my new stuff that I bought a few weeks back and then it happened....I did something to "trigger" my back and was in excruciating pain until 5:30 this morning when I finally gave in and let B take me to the ER. I've never been in so much pain in my life. I couldn't stand, sit or lay down. It all hurt. And walking...yeah it hurt to even put pressure on my feet. So mom came over to sit with d while we went to the er...a shot and some pain pills later and was feeling MUCH better...still in pain but nothing like it was. We have no idea what caused it or why it happened. The dr said it could have been from carrying him or delivery and something I did just aggravated it this weekend. Anyways..I've been on the couch since, taking the meds every four hours and hoping that I feel a lot better by the morning so that I can go to work and manage to take him with me. I really don't want to have to leave him AGAIN already.
Lastly, while I was what I thought dying of a slow painful death (ha-I laugh now but it wasn't even close to funny last night) my Gamecocks were kicking butt and taking names. Not only were they kicking butt and taking names but they were kicking the Clemson Tigers' butts-our rival...the battle of the state! I managed to watch it this morning after the er so that I could say I saw it. Now I really can't wait for the SEC Championship in ATL with my long as my back gets straight.
Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Back to work we go :(

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poor Baby or Poor Mama??

So today D had his 2 month check-up i.e. SHOTS! I'm not sure who cried harder Davis or his mama...good thing we took daddy for support. It seriously broke my heart. I've never heard him cry like sad. We are getting ready for the long holiday weekend and starting off with a bang tomorrow night...some of the girls are getting together for dinner...well with the exception of one little man :) He's so lucky. I'll do his 8 week post tomorrow with his latest stats..he's growing way too fast! We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a safe and happy thanksgiving-and good luck if you're shopping-hope you get lots of deals :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Party Time

Sad to see the weekend go but ready to get this three day work week out of the way for the long holiday weekend :)
Friday after work I laid down for a late nap and woke up two hours later ;) We had planned on going out for supper but since I was already in my pjs we decided to get takeout. B went to bed early and I finally got to watch Sex and the City 2. I loved it.
Saturday we (Davis and I) went shopping with Ashley. We got some Christmas shopping and I got a few deals for myself. We got home and got everything put up and I was asleep before was awesome to catch up.
Today we went to church, lunch at mom and dad's then headed to a superhero birthday party for a pretty cute 3 year old. It was Davis' first birthday party and slept through's okay there will be 100s more.
Now on to tackle these few days of work.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 wks

Rotten butt,
You are seven weeks young. Your looks have changed a lot since you were born yet you still manage to look just like your daddy! (Can mama please get some credit) I'm beginning to think that you are going to have my curls. (You haven't lost any of your hair yet-some may say it's b/c you aren't laying down enough for that to happen-HAHA)Every night after your bath your hair looks so kinky-it's too cute. Your eyelashes are to die for..that's one thing that I'm glad you got of your dad's-so long, thick and the perfect curl-girls die for eyelashes like that. Your eyes look like they are beginning to turn brown. They are blue on the outsides but brown on the insides. You are more and more alert everyday. Before you were following voices, now you are starting to follow me and daddy when we are walking around. Me and daddy fight over your sweet kisses every night. He loves to make me jealous by stealing your sugars when he's holding you and looking at me while he's doing it. Of course I can get them any time of day so we'll let him have his fun. You are still coming to work with me and it seems to be going well. Some days are harder than others when you refuse to nap b/c there is so much going on. Ms. Julie could eat you up on Thursdays. She loves to rock and sing to you. You just stare at her with those big eyes- it melts my heart. You were dedicated at church on Sunday. You did so great-not even a squeal the whole service. You go back to the doctor next week for your 2 month check up i.e. shots :( We can't wait to see how much you've grown. You have to weigh over 10lbs by now. (you sure feel like it anyways) You are in size 1 diapers and wearing your 0-3 and 3 month clothes. You wore jeans and a polo onesie for the first time over the weekend and you looked so handsome.
Mama loves you to the moon and back sweet boy!
Now on to this week in pictures...