Thursday, December 16, 2010

11 weeks

Santa Baby...


Being this cute is exhausting.

Helping mama with Christmas cards...

Chunky Monkey,
You get sweeter and sweeter everyday. This week you have started a few things. You are such a happy baby. I have videoed you a few times this week justa' playin' and talkin' and laughin'! Of course when you realize that I have the camera you stop-you little stinker. You get yourself so excited and it is so fun to watch. If I had a dollar for every time your daddy or myself said "watch him" I'd be rich! When I "give you sugars" you kiss me back with an open mouth and occasionally stick your little tongue in my mouth. It's okay if you want to give your mommy tongue sugars for the next few years then it may be a little weird. If and when you do pee pee on me/yourself it's always when you're in the bathtub, after you've been washed and fixing to get then we have to do it all over. Which is fine with me b/c you seem to enjoy it so. We have switched the nipples on your bottles to level 2, for 3 month olds and now you can take it down in 15 mins like a champ. It makes those early morning feedings so much easier. Which by the way you have slept until 5:30, had a bottle and gone back down until 7 or so 3 times this week...which we consider sleeping all night. You are now on Similac Sensitive and have been for a couple weeks. You seem to be doing much better with it and hardly ever spit up. You struggled with your first cold this past week and are doing better but still have to have your booga nose suctioned, which by the way you are slowly coming around to that obnoxious invention. You began wearing 3mth pants this week and although they are a little baggy in your booty (or lack thereof) they look much more comfortable. You seem to be doing great at daycare except for the fact that you like to know what's going much that you don't get your naps out b/c you're scared you will miss something. Sweet boy, I now know a love like no other because of you. You mean so much to me and daddy and we are so proud to be your parents. Today more than ever I cannot wait to see your sweet face and get your lovin'. Ya see, mommy has heard of so many who have struggled with the loss of children and just wants to cherish every minute with you. I can't imagine what those mothers have gone/are going through. I pray that I will never know. Tonight I may kiss you a few times extra before I put you to bed or squeeze you a little tighter when I hug you. Just know that I love you to the moon and back...

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  1. So always make me cry!
    Love you