Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa comes to town...

Let me start off by saying Davis is one loved little boy. We are so fortunate to have so many people love our sweet baby. He has no idea how lucky he is.
That being said...we had an amazing "first" Christmas as a family.
It started on Wednesday. Davis and I went to see Auntie Ape at her parent's house while she was home. (I spent lots of time there growing up and it's always nice to go over and chit chat with her and her parents and of course now let them play with D) They gave D a cute outfit and a Gamecock stocking. We talked and talked about everything from celebrities to the latest town gossip.
On Thursday, while Daddy was working Mama and Davis took a trip to Nicole's to do Christmas with her family. D got an adorable outfit..can't wait for him to wear it! The Nicole and the kids loved on D and Nicole, Phillip and I got to just talk...mostly about Christmas and santa and everything else..ha. I also stopped by an adorable boutique while I was there and got him a really cute Christmas outfit for next year at 50% off cha-ching! Then on the way home we stopped by Ashley H's to exchange gifts with her. She gave D
Friday (aka Christmas Eve)we hung out around the house most of the day then later ventured out to the Weeks residence to let them get some D lovin' and a Gamecock happened to stop by so D got his first pic with a Carolina Gamecock football player... Good luck AJ and the rest of the gamecocks in atl Friday! We will be rooting you on! We then went home got ready and headed to church for communion then to Christmas with my dad's family. Where D got some more love and tons of Gamecock stuff from one of my cousins. (We draw names and he happened to get D and being a 17-18 year old boy had no clue what to buy a baby but he did great!! Gamecock shoes, socks, sippy cup, etc.) Afterwards, me, hubs and my dad headed over to some friends for the annual Christmas Eve fireworks display that we've started a couple years ago. Mom of course was thrilled that she got to sit at our house with D. We came home to them both passed out in the recliner..I wish I would have taken a pic.
Saturday (aka Davis's first Christmas!!!!) we woke up at 8 opened all of our gifts as well as all of D's gifts. He was in such a good mood but had no clue what was going on or even an interest in the presents. His Nana and Gma both stopped by to see him while hubs and I made macaroni and cheese, banana pudding and chocolate chip m&m cookies for our day's events. We headed over to B's oldest sister's house for lunch and presents with his family, which D slept through the entire thing. Opening all of those gifts must have worn him slap out. Then we had Christmas with my family at mom and dad's which we got even more. Lastly, we headed to my gma's for spirits and appetizers where D got even more adorable clothes and toys.
Sunday we were planning on going to church but when we got up it was SNOWING (yes, in South Carolina, where I'm pretty sure it hasn't snowed on Christmas all of my life at least). We bundled D up to where he could not even move, poor eskimo baby, ran outside and posed for a pic then went back inside for the remainder of the day. We had a few visitors stop by and see little man but that sums up our long/busy weekend. Can't believe it's already Monday..and it's almost over...yipee I'm ready to get my baby :) More Christmas pics to come...

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