Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go away germies!!!

Ugh...the Ehrhardt household keeps passing around some sick germs. We have all had it twice now. I've had enough of it and am currently trying to kick it's booty out the door! I have sanitized and washed and sanitized and washed some more. This weekend we (Davis and I mostly since Daddy had to work) didn't leave the house or our pj's for that matter due to his "neediness of his mommy" of course I am 100% okay with him needing his mommy but he does not have to get sick to get his point across. He has just wanted to be held and rocked. He has been a little cranky but mostly his regular self. On Sunday he got me good...real good. He was giving me sugars and laughing when he spit up...as in on my face!!! YUCKY!!! I guess it is true-there is a first time for everything!
So glad it's a short week and can't wait to see everyone for Christmas but especially to spend our first Christmas as a family with our precious baby boy. He is getting tons of stuff and he doesn't even have a clue what's going on ;)
Hope everyone else is well.

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