Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So What Wednesday

-I've come to realize that I'm obsessed with my baby boy and I know I talk about him non-stop I'm sorry if it gets on your nerves. Actually, no I'm not..get over it! He's cute and you know it!
-I've spent entirely too much on myself to be so close to Christmas but I feel like b/c I had to wear frumpy maternity clothes for so long I'm allowed to. Regardless of what baby daddy says. And yes, sometimes I hide things in the closet and say "oh this, I've had it forever, you really need to start paying more attention" or "I just haven't found the time to wear it"
-Did I tell you how adorable my sweet boy is?!?! ;)
-While I'm "working" I print my own address labels {using work paper}, write blog posts, pay bills, online shop, check Facebook {obsessively} and TONS of other "non work related" things. What are you going to do, tell on me?!?
-I recently was talked into purchasing a pair of jeggings yet I can't talk myself into wearing them in public b/c I feel like they look silly.
-After hubs leaves for work I sometimes let Davis snuggle with me in bed...shhh don't tell him!! haha
-I'm still putting Halloween and Thanksgiving bibs and pj's on Davis at home...who cares..nobody sees him in them but me and his daddy.
-Although hubs and I said we weren't going to do much for D for Christmas since he doesn't need anything we have gotten a bunch of "stuff" and can't wait for Christmas morning!! (I may or may not have already opened one thing and he may or may not have giggled at the noises/lights/mirror that cute little caterpillar makes :))
-Roxie has been obnoxiously difficult to get outside this week...I know it's cold baby girl but in a few hours when you're doing the pee-pee dance and no one is here to let you out you will be thankful since you know better than to use the carpet!
-I can't wait for 4:59 daily so that I can rush home to my sweet boy, put on my jammies and talk real funny to him (it makes him laugh..not sure if it's b/c he thinks I'm crazy or funny)and get all the sugar I possibly can before he goes nite-nite.
-I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.
-I'm super jealous of my biggest brother and sis-in-law..they are leaving tomorrow for a cruise to celebrate their 10 yr anniversary. How lucky they are to escape this cold weather.
-I got on the scale last night and I've managed to lose 5lbs since my 6 wk appt...I actually weigh less than I did when I got pregnant. How exciting?!?! (Although, I'm not sure how with all of the Christmas goodies I've been partaking in.)
-I could kiss the inventor of remote start...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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