Sunday, November 20, 2011

13 months

Wild Man,
You turned 13 months on your first out of state trip. Duke and Grandma took all of us (Mommy, Daddy, you, Uncle Trey, Aunt Mindy, Turner, Cole, Uncle Paul, Aunt Kelley and Nathan) to Pigeon Forge, TN for a long weekend. This was the second year they decided to do this and we were so glad this was your first "road trip". You did not like the car ride there but did much better on the way home. The weather didn't really cooperate for the activities that were planned for Friday but we adjusted. Saturday Mommy, Daddy, Duke, Uncle Trey, Aunt Mindy, Turner, Uncle Paul and Aunt Kelley went to see the gamecocks whoop some TN, Vols while you got to hang out with Cole, Nathan and Grandma. You haven't gotten the hang of Mommy or Grandma holding another baby but love giving him sugar. You def know how to melt our hearts.
This month your vocabulary grew. You love saying HEY! and BYE! and say it just like that. You love to say Arghhhh (scaring people) and love it even more when people scare you. You get so tickled.
You've had an ear infection almost all month long.
You started watching a little bit of tv this month and have fallen to sleep numerous times watching shrek. You try your hardest to watch it though. You are still opening birthday gifts (we decided not to take everything out of the boxes at once) and love your toys but you really like playing with random things that you're not supposed to. One of your favorite toys is a ride on 4wheeler you think it's funny to watch mommy jump when you're standing on it instead of sitting. It get's her every time!
You no longer get bottles during the night and only have one bottle per day before bedtime.
You still love fruit and would eat it for meals if we would let you.
You are going to be a monkey for Halloween so Grandma decided that Izzie (her new dog) should be a banana for the pet contest. She did good because yall won Most Creative. Lil' stinker you.
You love saying the blessing and get all excited when we say make pretty hands... Your blessing is abcdefg thank you God for feeding me, AMEN! and of course you clap at the end.
Davis, Mommy and Daddy couldn't love you more!
(Will add pictures tomorrow, hopefully :)

My cup runs over...

I am so behind. I've missed documenting countless "new things" Davis has done or said over the past few months. Hubs and I are both still loving our new jobs and so happy with the changes we made. I hate that I have been so slack with the blog world.About once a week I play "catch up" on everyone else yet fail to catch up on us. Truth is we are just crazy busy chasing after our silly toddler...yes, I said toddler. He doesn't walk, he runs. We rush through the weeks and the weekends are gone before we can blink. The thing is...I wouldn't trade it for the world. We never imagined the joy our sweet boy would bring.
We've been busy celebrating birthdays, cheering for our Gamecocks, taking wild man on his first out of state trip to TN to see the gamecocks, more birthdays and now the holidays are upon us. While I'm making my shopping list for black friday, picking out Christmas cards, spending time with family and friends I just want to slow down and take it all in. I know that this Christmas will be so much fun as D will be into EVERYTHING but I also know that we will love every minute of it with him.
This year I couldn't be more thankful. (I promise I'll post new pics soon!)