Friday, February 26, 2010


Finally Friday! Phew, we made it to the weekend :)
Today Paul Nathan and Kelley are coming to town for the weekend. They haven't been home since Christmas. We'll probably have supper tonight with everybody. Tomorrow Turner has a soccer game at 10 and Payton at 11 then Payton has her last basketball game at 2:30. Goodness kids are busy! Then I have to prepare supper for 14 for Mom's bday celebration. I'm thinking easy...steaks, baked potato and salad...nothing that requires much effort. haha Happy Birthday Old Lady!!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a Wednesday!

Busy busy busy!
Got to keep the little turkeys last night. They were full of energy but of course we loved every minute of it. They are such a mess.
I've come to realize that a lot of people are heartless these days. Trey had a trailer (one that you haul stuff on) stolen yesterday. The crazy thing is someone called him and told him they saw someone with it. Of course Trey went to that person and asked him where the dang thing was. And, of course, he said he didn't have it. I'm so sick of thefts!!! There is a lot going around town and I'm really wanting them to get caught. When is enough, ENOUGH?
On a sad note, an old teacher/friend of mine, has a dog that the family has had since we first met them. She is such a sweet, beautiful dog and has such a great life with their family. She is getting up in age and is not doing very well. Mrs. Quinn I'm praying for sweet Sarah! I know what it's like to lose a dog that is your family member. I just hope that she's not in pain.
Another sad note
How about the sea world accident yesterday?!?!?! Is that not the craziest thing. Of course most of you say "they are called killer whales" but goodness that poor trainer! I can't believe there was even an audience for that horrible accident. I guess she died doing what she loved? I've always wanted to go to Sea World and hope to make it there in the next few years.
How about USA in the Olympics!!! WHOOP WHOOP
I feel so honored to be an American once again. I haven't necessarily been watching every night but I watch the recaps every morning on the today show.
On a happy note...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Goodness gracious what great tv last night :)
One Tree Hill was as amazing as ever!! Love, love, love that show!! However at the end when they were showing the previews it said on the next episode on April 26th?!?!?!??! SERIOUSLY, why in the world do they do that to us!
The Bachelor girls tell all....
OH MY...what in the world was Rosilyn thinking??? All of the girls are saying they saw her acting inappropriately. How can she say that they are all lying?!? And to say that she has seen him since and met his father...come on girl...who do you think you are fooling?!?!
US weekly is saying that Kourtney Kardashian (my fav celeb family) has put Scott in the dust once again. The latest episodes have really made me not like him even more. He seriously needs to grow up! I wish Kourtney and Mason (he is adorable by the way) the best!! Also, on the season finale, the whole episode is Kourtney giving birth...holy moly...she literally pulled Mason out herself...CRAZY!! AND she was so calm and looked like she wasn't in any pain!!! Must have been some good drugs :)
Lastly, also on the cover of these trash said that Kendra (one of my other favs) is preggers again!!! These trash magazines need to quit playing with me. Only publish something if it is TRUE so I don't get all worked up over nothing...they are my real friends...hehe

Monday, February 22, 2010

Muddy Monday

What a nasty day today! We had such great weather this weekend, it was such a tease. I'm so ready for the warm weather.
We didn't have any plans for the weekend and boy was it nice! We just went with the flow.
I finally got things straight with Wachovia and my car got fixed :) Oh happy dayyyyyy. We picked up Turner, Cole and Payton from day care b/c when BJ got home from work he could hear them hollering at little jail birds (my mom's daycare is right down from our house). We played fetch with Roxie and watched SpongeBob until they left. BJ and I went to one of our fav places in town that night for supper...House of Pizza..yummy. We got to chit chat, just us, which was nice. Then we went home, I watched Hannah Montana the movie and he watched the Olympics and were in bed before 10.
We got up and took Foxie Roxie for a walk in the beautiful weather. I headed to Cola with Lindsay for some shopping and BJ stayed home and worked in the yard.
That night we went to the Watson's for supper. Kemp & Erin and Aubrey, Richard & McKinley were all home. We had such a good time hanging out and catching up with them. Once again we were in bed by 10 :)
We had a big day at church! We voted on a new preacher, of course he got the job. I'm really going to miss our interim pastor. I feel like we have just been through so much with him. But I know it's time...then we had lunch with mama, daddy and gma. We got our grocery shopping done, visited with Russell and Caitlin, and got another walk in.
It was a great, relaxing weekend!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dirty Dog

This morning on my way to work every radio station was talking about Tiger Woods and his first press conference since the "scandal". I've never really liked him for some reason but Hubs loves him. He's such a dirty dog! One radio station in particular was doing this thing where everyone was calling in with suggestions for an opening song for his conference. It was quite hilarious to hear some of the ones that people were saying. Just to name a few...Girls, Girls, Girls by Jay-Z, Let's Talk About Sex Baby, Let's Get it On. Seriously, I was dying laughing, that's sad isn't it. Laughing at something that is so serious...his poor family.
No definite plans for the weekend. Maybe I'll go shopping for a new purse and wallet since mine was stolen, or go see Dear John.
Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Shheesh it's been a crazy week!
Theft update...
I've been checking my bank online non-stop and nothing had come up until today....that punk used my cards for $75 numerous times on each stinkin' card!!!! to the phone with Wachovia I go...not to mention I still haven't received my new cards that they were supposed to be overnighting!!!
My window is being fixed on Friday. They are actually coming to me, how nice! (I know Daddy will be excited to have his truck back) Then I have to take it to have it detailed and re-tented.
We get to keep Cole tonight for a little while. Here's a pic from when we had him one night last the tartoon zone
Hope everyone has a great hump day!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well this weekend started out great...went to crap...then got it goes...
We got snow! Even though I'm not a snow person, it was pretty exciting to get snow at much as I don't really care for it, it NEVER happens...especially not as much as we got this weekend. Everyone went crazy, schools and businesses shut down! I'm telling ya, it never happens. BJ and I were excited to let baby girl play in it. She didn't like it in the beginning but later when it was 4+ inches thick she LOVED it. It made me so happy to watch her playing in it...she was SO funny and acting C~R~A~Z~Y!
We slept late and took our time getting ready for our BIG date day. We love Saturday date days. We normally get a late lunch, shop and see a movie. Well that was what we had planned for this day. We ate lunch at Olive Garden, hit up Target, and went to see Valentine's Day. We went to an early afternoon movie so that we could still have time to hit up the mall after the movie. The movie was pretty good. When we came out BJ went to get in the driver's side and me in the passenger. When I went to open the door I realized that someone had busted my window out. I was devastated. My brand new car. Then I realized what they PURSE...with everything you can imagine in it...4 debit cards, check book, social security card, driver's license, make-up, etc. Of course we called the police and they came and checked for finger prints and what not. What a shitty way to end the perfect date. It was going so good. My purse had been pushed up under the dash. The person had to have been watching us when we got out of the car and saw that I didn't have it. The place we went was crazy crowded/packed. I guess he/she busted the window grabbed that one thing(my whole life inside) and ran. If the idiot would have taken his time he could have gotten a lot more. My GPS, Ipod, costa's, north face....everything else was in there too. I guess they just wanted some quick cash...too bad there wasn't even $20 in there dumb butt. All that for nothing. Of course I canceled all of my cards immediately so he/she wasn't able to use those. However, my husband just "knows" that he/she is going to take out a loan in my name at some point with all of my info that they got. Soooo then we had to go to Lowe's to get some cardboard and duck tape to put over the window so that we could drive an hour and not freeze our butts off. Needless to say it was a quiet ride home!
We went to church and had lunch with my parents and gma, then napped and cleaned house. BJ even went to the grocery store for me and brought me back flowers :)
The glass people called me today and said they can't fix it until FRIDAY....excuse me...what the crap am I supposed to drive this week?!?!
Anyways enough of my drama...
Hope everyone had a better weekend


Here are a few pictures from the mountains...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Friday

Last night I had the cutest 2 yr old ever for a little while. You would have never known he was there except for the "tartoons" on the TV...and you better not change it b/c that does not make him happy...He was def in the zone.
I feel so tired and worn out this week. I didn't even cook supper last night. (Of course BJ was perfectly content with chicken nuggets. He's SO easy when it comes to food.) I read my book and watched Grey's and was OUT. I've missed Private Practice the past two weeks. DVR, PLEASE?!?!?!
Tonight it looks like we're having people over to cook steaks and the guys are playing cards. We're supposed to get snow tonight...we'll see if that really happens though. BJ and I have a little bet going on....let's just say yall better be pulling for no more than an inch of snow...for my sake :)
Tomorrow we're planning to have a day of just the two of us in Columbia, shopping, eating and maybe a movie. I can't WAIT!!!
And like Tara said I hope everyone has a lovey dovey weekend and lots of bow chica wow wow...j/k...not really

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I got the cutest gifts for two new babies today (monogrammed of course)! I can't wait to give them to their parents :) (cheesy i know) I got a blue and white paisley printed burp cloth (kind of like this one) for Cholly and a super soft blue blankie with brown initials for Dakota. I just love buying monogrammed stuff for kids. My children are going to be decked out in their initials. Maybe BJ should have bought me that embroidery machine...
On to Valentine's Day...
I still have not gotten anything besides a card and some candy for hubs. I mean seriously what is this day anyways. I don't want to do anything cheesy and he keeps telling me not to buy him anything! I just want to go out to eat and to a movie or something just as date night not b/c of a silly day. I feel we (everyone) gets so wrapped up in this crazy made up holiday and get all worked up over nothing. I love my husband and try to show him everyday...what is it about this ONE day?!? Just a thought for ya

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Boys

This picture was taken the day after BJ and I got engaged at my Mom and Dad's house. Aren't these just the sweetest boys you've ever seen?!?! I could just eat them up :)

Let me tell ya what my brilliant hubs did last night...I had marinated some pork chops for supper and he decided he was going to grill them. Well our grill sits next to our house under the carport. He lit the grill and came inside to get something. While inside I said "just talk with me a second"...I'm famous for telling him that (I feel as if we are always rushed and don't really get to sit down and actually talk about "nothing")..well we talked about something for not even a min and he went back outside. A few minutes later I heard him calling for me to come here. (I was guessing he wanted me to see something Roxie was doing) NOPE the siding behind the grill had somewhat melted and is now dis-formed. GREAT another thing that needs to be fixed (our heating and air has been making a horrible noise..we finally decided that it's GOT to be fixed..i.e. REPLACED!!) Of course it was my fault though...not only b/c I asked him to "talk" to me for a second but b/c my car was under the carport he couldn't move the grill. (I guess he forgot how to move the dang car :)..hehe)
Let me tell you what my brilliant self did last night...I was making instant four-cheese mashed potatoes...after pouring in the "potatoes" I saw that there was a white substance everywhere in them. (They kind of looked like grits instead of potatoes.) I was trying to figure out what in the world it could be. Take a guess...the milk was bad. The use by date was yesterday (as in the day I used it). BJ of course couldn't believe that I didn't smell it once he got a whiff of it. I've never been a "milk" person. In my opinion good milk has somewhat of an odor. But to top it off...I ate cereal yesterday morning for breakfast!!! How nice...spoiled milk cereal. I can only laugh about it now but seriously...what a silly moment. So for supper we had grilled pork chops and green beans. yum

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 years ago today :)

Sorry for 2 posts today (esp the long one with me babbling) but I forgot to mention something. Two years ago today my hunny asked me to be his wife!! Although sometimes it seems like forever ago, I still remember it like yesterday. Of course he didn't say anything about it on his own but when I asked if he knew what today was (after a min) he said of course :) I love him so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for us. awwww

What a Monday

Yesterday was very busy at work since I was gone on Friday, I had a lot of catching up to do.
Hubby hurt his thumb yesterday at work. It got smashed in a machine at work. He was not a very happy camper last night. He had to put a hole in his nail to relieve some of the pressure. It looks pretty nasty and just the thought of him putting a hole in it almost made me throw up.
tv update...
Let's see let's start with the Super Bowl...I've never been into pro ball until Kim and I became BFFs. HA I really wanted the Saint to win for her and Reggie :) On the other hand I was disappointed for Kendra and Hank..hehe How sweet was Brees after the game with his little boy?!?!?! I got emotional just watching him! That sweet baby was just precious! As for the commercials, I didn't think they were that great this year. I didn't think that the Oprah, Leno and Letterman was funny...maybe it's just me. I did think that the Doritos commercial with the little boy was pretty funny..two things you don't mess Doritos and my mama! cute
Part of the reason I wasn't so "into" the game/commercials was b/c I was engrossed in my book. I didn't get to read much this weekend so during the game I got some reading time. I LOVE IT so far. I can only imagine why so many people have told me I'm going to be crying like a baby in the end. I will admit that last night I flipped to the end to see how many pages it was (to see how much longer I had) and I read the first line of the last page (I have a tendency to do that). Wish I wouldn't have b/c now I know something that happens...ugh Why couldn't I just allow myself to be surprised?!?! Anyways, I'm sure I'll finish it by this weekend. (I know that sounds like a long time but I don't get to read every night and b/c I'm such a TV slut I have to read when my shows aren't on :)
I love me some One Tree Hill. I started watching when I was a Freshman in college (thanks to Lizzie and Courtney) and have done so ever since. I've even gotten Heather and Nicole hooked on it. It's still such a good show. At the beginning of this season I thought it may be my last season when I discovered that Payton and Lucas were GONE but nope, I'm still hooked. It gets better and better. I do, however, wish that they (the show/producer) could just let Brooke be happy. I want her Julian together! The previews for next week make it look like Julian and Alex hook up and boy oh boy I'm not going to be happy if they do!
Now on to the Bachelor!!! I was talking to my TV last night. I was mad that Ally was leaving and was even more pissed that he was trying to tell her to stay knowing that there was such a high chance that he wouldn't pick her. I did think that the episode was a little drawn out. I thought something was going to happen with someone else too. While watching I was texting back and forth with Ashley H. and Lisa. I told Lisa that I just knew that she (Ally) would be back at some point in the show. And what do you know, in the previews for next week Ally calls him :) I really do like her and she's so cute.
Hopefully tonight I'll get some good reading time in :)
OH YEAH...I did take some pics over the weekend that hopefully I'll get to post at some time this week...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home, Please...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. As mentioned earlier, we've been in Maggie Valley, NC since Thursday. It's nice to get away but I'm ready to see my baby girl and sleep in my bed. I'm not big on cold weather and I've def gotten enough this weekend to last me a year. It's snowed and snowed, iced and more ice. The power has gone out a few times as well. Everyone went skiing today except for me and one of our guy friends (it's a group of 8 here). Well I just had a minute to catch up on everybody...later gaters

Thursday, February 4, 2010


What a crazy last two days! We've been busy getting ready for our trip. We leave this afternoon. I think I'm more excited about a day off of work than going away. I know we will have a great time, we always do.
Last night we went to see an old co-worker of BJ's. BJ is borrowing some ski pants from him. I haven't seen them in months. The wife is 8 months pregnant and adorable. It was exciting to get to see everything that they have ready for the baby =) After that we did some marathon packing and went to bed. I got up earlier than normal and came into work 45 mins early (so that I can get out a little early) boy oh boy if feels like I've been here FOREVER!!!
Guess what I forgot to pack??? (we're leaving straight from work) My CAMERA!! Luckily BJ is getting off earlier so he's going to get it for me. if I just remember to use it :)
Say a little prayer for our travels and for BJ (no injuries while skiing)!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Kelly along with a few others are doing blogs on Simple Pleasures today. I read them earlier but wasn't inspired until on my lunch, so here it goes...just to name a few...
Finding something cute for CHEAP! I absolutely love to shop and nothing excites me more than to find a good deal! (I bought a cute Miley Cyrus scarf from Wal-Mart for $6.00 today.)
Finishing a book. I used to HATE to read. I picked at my mom and family about reading for the longest time. I thought they were the biggest dorks. Well guess what, I'm officially a dork. It just relaxes me. So today while I was out I picked up this for my trip to the mountains this weekend!
A made up bed with warm, clean sheets right out of the dryer..that goes for towels too!
Text messages from my hunny!
Hugs from my brothers...they are the best huggers!
A clean house!
FOXIE ROXIE....enough said...she always brings a smile to face b/c she always loves me...even when I'm not the prettiest!
NAPS, especially on Sundays!
Chick flicks with the girls!
At the job...winning/settling a case(esp with a week like this week)...we won TWO today!
A child just makes you smile!
I could go on and on about my simple pleasures but it's gotta end somewhere :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seriously Jake?!?!?!

Ok, come on Jake what in the world do you see in Vienna?!? She is so annoying and not cute..AT ALL. I'm beginning to get a little irritated with him.
Did anyone see the Today show this morning? How about that 10lb baby!!!! Holy Moly.....that makes me hurt just thinking about it.
And to top it off, the groundhog saw his shadow...I can't take another 6 weeks of this weather...let's hope it doesn't happen.
As for a wachovia update....UGH...can we say nightmare...(I know I shouldn't be going on about something this silly when there are real things that are happening to others every second but I need to vent) SO I get my new card via UPS this morning. I go online to activate it..enter my pin says invalid....ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Call the 800 number once again, get a nice lady, poor thing, I wasn't in the greatest mood, she tells me that my NEW pin number will be coming via regular mail within the next few days!?!?!?!??!...I tell her that I'm leaving Thursday to go out of town for the weekend. I'm sorry sweetie. She says the only way that I can get it taken care of without waiting on the mail is to go into a branch. THERE ISN'T A BRANCH IN ORANGEBURG!!!! There is one in Bamberg but when I get home it is after 5. Thank goodness for hubby...looks like he'll be giving me mula :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wachovia, you've done it now....

So on my lunch break I decided to venture to Belks to get the Juicy Couture perfume that I've been wanting for the past couple months. (Seeing as nobody got it for me for Christmas...maybe this is my Valentine's to myself :)) Anyways...I'm checking out and the cashier says that my card has been declined...HOLD UP...Ma'am could you try again, that's not possible (I'm not saying that I'm rich but there is a lot more than the amount of this perfume!!!!).....DECLINED....Can you hold on one second while I try to reach the 800 number to see what's going on...those automated things REALLY get on my's telling me they're having some problems locating my account...still the automated system...get me a person!!!....I'm sorry ma'am I'll just put it on this card other card. Thanks have a nice day, sorry! (SOOOO EMBARRASSED!!!!) Before I can get out of the door I'm calling the 800 and (over the voice of the automated person) saying SPEAK TO REPRESENTATIVE...."I'm sorry I did not understand you." PERSONNNNNNN. Anyways, Wachovia, when getting a new debit card (for my other account), they deactivated my other card, which I made it CLEAR that was NOT what I wanted. I told them there was no way that I could just wait around until who knows when to get a new card for THEIR mistake...needless to say they are overnighting one to me. But seriously....what an embarrassment. That cashier thinks I didn't have the money....

Four day week...

Just like I had guessed, the crappy weather made for a change in plans. I still had the boys Saturday but because the weathers was so nasty we were stuck inside watching cartoons and baking brownies. I wish I would have taken some pictures to share. They were def glued to the tv. That night we had the crew over for hamburgers to celebrate Tripp's 31st bday. Weston, his 3 yr old step-son, is just adorable! After supper the guys played holdem' until the wee hours of the morning, of course while Roxie and I were trying to get our rest. (We were both exhausted from the day with the boys and being cooped up all day.) Sunday we overslept church and had dinner with my parents and Gma. Later, we went to Tripp and Stacey's so BJ could help Tripp move something and I played with Weston and chatted with Stacey. That was the extent of our weekend.
This weekend we had for our annual ski trip in Maggie Valley. I'm excited to have the day off Friday :)