Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Friday

Last night I had the cutest 2 yr old ever for a little while. You would have never known he was there except for the "tartoons" on the TV...and you better not change it b/c that does not make him happy...He was def in the zone.
I feel so tired and worn out this week. I didn't even cook supper last night. (Of course BJ was perfectly content with chicken nuggets. He's SO easy when it comes to food.) I read my book and watched Grey's and was OUT. I've missed Private Practice the past two weeks. DVR, PLEASE?!?!?!
Tonight it looks like we're having people over to cook steaks and the guys are playing cards. We're supposed to get snow tonight...we'll see if that really happens though. BJ and I have a little bet going on....let's just say yall better be pulling for no more than an inch of snow...for my sake :)
Tomorrow we're planning to have a day of just the two of us in Columbia, shopping, eating and maybe a movie. I can't WAIT!!!
And like Tara said I hope everyone has a lovey dovey weekend and lots of bow chica wow wow...j/k...not really

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