Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Goodness gracious what great tv last night :)
One Tree Hill was as amazing as ever!! Love, love, love that show!! However at the end when they were showing the previews it said on the next episode on April 26th?!?!?!??! SERIOUSLY, why in the world do they do that to us!
The Bachelor girls tell all....
OH MY...what in the world was Rosilyn thinking??? All of the girls are saying they saw her acting inappropriately. How can she say that they are all lying?!? And to say that she has seen him since and met his father...come on girl...who do you think you are fooling?!?!
US weekly is saying that Kourtney Kardashian (my fav celeb family) has put Scott in the dust once again. The latest episodes have really made me not like him even more. He seriously needs to grow up! I wish Kourtney and Mason (he is adorable by the way) the best!! Also, on the season finale, the whole episode is Kourtney giving birth...holy moly...she literally pulled Mason out herself...CRAZY!! AND she was so calm and looked like she wasn't in any pain!!! Must have been some good drugs :)
Lastly, also on the cover of these trash magazines...it said that Kendra (one of my other favs) is preggers again!!! These trash magazines need to quit playing with me. Only publish something if it is TRUE so I don't get all worked up over nothing...they are my real friends...hehe

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