Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Boys

This picture was taken the day after BJ and I got engaged at my Mom and Dad's house. Aren't these just the sweetest boys you've ever seen?!?! I could just eat them up :)

Let me tell ya what my brilliant hubs did last night...I had marinated some pork chops for supper and he decided he was going to grill them. Well our grill sits next to our house under the carport. He lit the grill and came inside to get something. While inside I said "just talk with me a second"...I'm famous for telling him that (I feel as if we are always rushed and don't really get to sit down and actually talk about "nothing")..well we talked about something for not even a min and he went back outside. A few minutes later I heard him calling for me to come here. (I was guessing he wanted me to see something Roxie was doing) NOPE the siding behind the grill had somewhat melted and is now dis-formed. GREAT another thing that needs to be fixed (our heating and air has been making a horrible noise..we finally decided that it's GOT to be fixed..i.e. REPLACED!!) Of course it was my fault though...not only b/c I asked him to "talk" to me for a second but b/c my car was under the carport he couldn't move the grill. (I guess he forgot how to move the dang car :)..hehe)
Let me tell you what my brilliant self did last night...I was making instant four-cheese mashed potatoes...after pouring in the "potatoes" I saw that there was a white substance everywhere in them. (They kind of looked like grits instead of potatoes.) I was trying to figure out what in the world it could be. Take a guess...the milk was bad. The use by date was yesterday (as in the day I used it). BJ of course couldn't believe that I didn't smell it once he got a whiff of it. I've never been a "milk" person. In my opinion good milk has somewhat of an odor. But to top it off...I ate cereal yesterday morning for breakfast!!! How nice...spoiled milk cereal. I can only laugh about it now but seriously...what a silly moment. So for supper we had grilled pork chops and green beans. yum

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