Monday, February 15, 2010


Well this weekend started out great...went to crap...then got it goes...
We got snow! Even though I'm not a snow person, it was pretty exciting to get snow at much as I don't really care for it, it NEVER happens...especially not as much as we got this weekend. Everyone went crazy, schools and businesses shut down! I'm telling ya, it never happens. BJ and I were excited to let baby girl play in it. She didn't like it in the beginning but later when it was 4+ inches thick she LOVED it. It made me so happy to watch her playing in it...she was SO funny and acting C~R~A~Z~Y!
We slept late and took our time getting ready for our BIG date day. We love Saturday date days. We normally get a late lunch, shop and see a movie. Well that was what we had planned for this day. We ate lunch at Olive Garden, hit up Target, and went to see Valentine's Day. We went to an early afternoon movie so that we could still have time to hit up the mall after the movie. The movie was pretty good. When we came out BJ went to get in the driver's side and me in the passenger. When I went to open the door I realized that someone had busted my window out. I was devastated. My brand new car. Then I realized what they PURSE...with everything you can imagine in it...4 debit cards, check book, social security card, driver's license, make-up, etc. Of course we called the police and they came and checked for finger prints and what not. What a shitty way to end the perfect date. It was going so good. My purse had been pushed up under the dash. The person had to have been watching us when we got out of the car and saw that I didn't have it. The place we went was crazy crowded/packed. I guess he/she busted the window grabbed that one thing(my whole life inside) and ran. If the idiot would have taken his time he could have gotten a lot more. My GPS, Ipod, costa's, north face....everything else was in there too. I guess they just wanted some quick cash...too bad there wasn't even $20 in there dumb butt. All that for nothing. Of course I canceled all of my cards immediately so he/she wasn't able to use those. However, my husband just "knows" that he/she is going to take out a loan in my name at some point with all of my info that they got. Soooo then we had to go to Lowe's to get some cardboard and duck tape to put over the window so that we could drive an hour and not freeze our butts off. Needless to say it was a quiet ride home!
We went to church and had lunch with my parents and gma, then napped and cleaned house. BJ even went to the grocery store for me and brought me back flowers :)
The glass people called me today and said they can't fix it until FRIDAY....excuse me...what the crap am I supposed to drive this week?!?!
Anyways enough of my drama...
Hope everyone had a better weekend

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