Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Seriously Jake?!?!?!

Ok, come on Jake what in the world do you see in Vienna?!? She is so annoying and not cute..AT ALL. I'm beginning to get a little irritated with him.
Did anyone see the Today show this morning? How about that 10lb baby!!!! Holy Moly.....that makes me hurt just thinking about it.
And to top it off, the groundhog saw his shadow...I can't take another 6 weeks of this weather...let's hope it doesn't happen.
As for a wachovia update....UGH...can we say nightmare...(I know I shouldn't be going on about something this silly when there are real things that are happening to others every second but I need to vent) SO I get my new card via UPS this morning. I go online to activate it..enter my pin number...it says invalid....ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Call the 800 number once again, get a nice lady, poor thing, I wasn't in the greatest mood, she tells me that my NEW pin number will be coming via regular mail within the next few days!?!?!?!??!...I tell her that I'm leaving Thursday to go out of town for the weekend. I'm sorry sweetie. She says the only way that I can get it taken care of without waiting on the mail is to go into a branch. THERE ISN'T A BRANCH IN ORANGEBURG!!!! There is one in Bamberg but when I get home it is after 5. Thank goodness for hubby...looks like he'll be giving me mula :)

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  1. I am with you sister!!! Vienna...seriously??? Ugh! Pick Ali already! She is the one I picked 1st night (Tenley was my 2nd choice by the way!) Good luck with Wachovia. There is a branch in St. Matthews by the way. Just in case you need to go there. LOVE reading your blog and LOVE you :)