Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a Monday

Yesterday was very busy at work since I was gone on Friday, I had a lot of catching up to do.
Hubby hurt his thumb yesterday at work. It got smashed in a machine at work. He was not a very happy camper last night. He had to put a hole in his nail to relieve some of the pressure. It looks pretty nasty and just the thought of him putting a hole in it almost made me throw up.
tv update...
Let's see let's start with the Super Bowl...I've never been into pro ball until Kim and I became BFFs. HA I really wanted the Saint to win for her and Reggie :) On the other hand I was disappointed for Kendra and Hank..hehe How sweet was Brees after the game with his little boy?!?!?! I got emotional just watching him! That sweet baby was just precious! As for the commercials, I didn't think they were that great this year. I didn't think that the Oprah, Leno and Letterman was funny...maybe it's just me. I did think that the Doritos commercial with the little boy was pretty funny..two things you don't mess with...my Doritos and my mama! cute
Part of the reason I wasn't so "into" the game/commercials was b/c I was engrossed in my book. I didn't get to read much this weekend so during the game I got some reading time. I LOVE IT so far. I can only imagine why so many people have told me I'm going to be crying like a baby in the end. I will admit that last night I flipped to the end to see how many pages it was (to see how much longer I had) and I read the first line of the last page (I have a tendency to do that). Wish I wouldn't have b/c now I know something that happens...ugh Why couldn't I just allow myself to be surprised?!?! Anyways, I'm sure I'll finish it by this weekend. (I know that sounds like a long time but I don't get to read every night and b/c I'm such a TV slut I have to read when my shows aren't on :)
I love me some One Tree Hill. I started watching when I was a Freshman in college (thanks to Lizzie and Courtney) and have done so ever since. I've even gotten Heather and Nicole hooked on it. It's still such a good show. At the beginning of this season I thought it may be my last season when I discovered that Payton and Lucas were GONE but nope, I'm still hooked. It gets better and better. I do, however, wish that they (the show/producer) could just let Brooke be happy. I want her Julian together! The previews for next week make it look like Julian and Alex hook up and boy oh boy I'm not going to be happy if they do!
Now on to the Bachelor!!! I was talking to my TV last night. I was mad that Ally was leaving and was even more pissed that he was trying to tell her to stay knowing that there was such a high chance that he wouldn't pick her. I did think that the episode was a little drawn out. I thought something was going to happen with someone else too. While watching I was texting back and forth with Ashley H. and Lisa. I told Lisa that I just knew that she (Ally) would be back at some point in the show. And what do you know, in the previews for next week Ally calls him :) I really do like her and she's so cute.
Hopefully tonight I'll get some good reading time in :)
OH YEAH...I did take some pics over the weekend that hopefully I'll get to post at some time this week...


  1. Koot,

    Did you see poor Kendra after the game? I felt so bad for her but I was SOOO happy for Reggie!! I love hte Kardashians!! Do you watch Gossip Girl? It is excellent and the new season starts march 8th. Anna just gave me Dear John and I can't wait to start reading it!!

  2. I didn't see Kendra. I saw a pic of her online with baby Hank. I don't watch Gossip Girl but I heard it is pretty good. Ashley has Dear John for me to read next. I can't wait to see the movie either :)