Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I got the cutest gifts for two new babies today (monogrammed of course)! I can't wait to give them to their parents :) (cheesy i know) I got a blue and white paisley printed burp cloth (kind of like this one) for Cholly and a super soft blue blankie with brown initials for Dakota. I just love buying monogrammed stuff for kids. My children are going to be decked out in their initials. Maybe BJ should have bought me that embroidery machine...
On to Valentine's Day...
I still have not gotten anything besides a card and some candy for hubs. I mean seriously what is this day anyways. I don't want to do anything cheesy and he keeps telling me not to buy him anything! I just want to go out to eat and to a movie or something just as date night not b/c of a silly day. I feel we (everyone) gets so wrapped up in this crazy made up holiday and get all worked up over nothing. I love my husband and try to show him everyday...what is it about this ONE day?!? Just a thought for ya


  1. I agree Kootie....dinner and a movie is on the agenda for us as well. I think it is a Hallmark Holiday anyways!! It is makes you feel better all my hubby wants is that nasty ear wax candle thing...eww!! OOH, and a back scrubber for the shower....VERY VERY RANDOM!!!