Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Where has this week gone? I'll tell ya where it's gone...
Monday when I picked D up from daycare they told me that they didn't think he felt to hot. Of course I didn't have him home 15 mins and he was burning up with fever. He has had a little cold but nothing else. To be on the safe side we went to the dr Tues am and they diagnosed him with a "fever virus". What the hell is that you run a fever but that's pretty much else. And what happens when you run a fever you can go to daycare until you have been fever free for 24 hours. Oh did I hear you just say but Katie this is your last week at work. Yes, of course it is. How slack does that sound? Hey M, sorry I know I only have a couple days left with you but I have to stay home b/c my baby has a fever and is crawling around like a crazy person! PHEW these past few days have whooped this mama's tail!!! I have a new found respect for all of you SAHMs. Seriously at first I though I can handle this. Daddy will come home and the house will be spotless, kitchen floor sparkly clean, supper cooked, happy baby and happy mama. WRONG! I did manage to speed clean when D took a nap but other than that I was a running around like a mad woman after my crazy child.
Also, in case you haven't heard.....our GAMECOCKS WON THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIESSSSSSSSS...what's that you say?? you thought we did that last year? Oh, we did and we did this year. That's right BACK 2 BACK CHAMPS :) After these late night extra inning games this mama is going to bed early tonight! As in as soon as D gets in his crib!
Thank you to my wonderful cousin-in-law who came and watched D for me to go to work for a couple hours and to my mother who has saved my sanity a couple times this week...someone who requires at least 8 hours of sleep+a cry baby=one nutcase of a mama!
Today my rotten boy is 9 months (i'm working on that post for ya too) and excuse me but we have to go practice saying "Go Cocks!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


HOLY SMOKES can someone cut the heat down a tad? It's hot as balls outside!
  • First off, thank you for the prayers. Last week I was offered another job and was really struggling as to whether or not I should take it. (As if more $ wasn't reason enough) I was happy with my job and therefore had not been looking for another one. But this opportunity sorta fell in my lap. That being said, I took it! Ya see, I'm not one for change. Once I get in my routine I like to try and keep it that way, a routine. But I have decided to take the plunge out of my comfort zone and see where it leads. I will miss seeing Ms. Julie, the sweetest, most hardworking 84 year old I've ever seen but I'll promise to keep in touch. So anyways that's mostly what's been going on.
  • This weekend babykins decided he wanted to be a mama's boy and not let anyone else hold him or do anything for him for that matter. DH thinks it's quite humorous and kept reminding me that I wanted a mama's boy and now I got one. Cry baby and his mama spent the day at the pool Saturday with some fabulous girls yet I only managed to get one picture. Of course it's just of D. Figures. Typical Mom.
  • Sunday we not only celebrated Duke (my dad) for Father's Day but I got to celebrate my husband who is an outstanding father. He not only puts up with said Mama's Boy but with that Mama's Boy's of course. Which I admit, is not an easy job. He "let's" me dress our adorable child in the sweetest clothes (and by this I mean purchasing those clothes$$$), sometimes even matching myself and sweet baby (he has learned to fight his battles), he's okay with the fact that our house isn't sparkly clean all the time (okay so maybe it's only sparkly clean 2xs a year!), and most of the time gives me the dvr privileges all so that I can spend extra time with our son. I always knew he would be an excellent dad but it just puts a smile on my face to watch him play with D and listen to D laugh hysterically when he tickles him. B loves to pretend like he's eating an ear of corn on D's ribs and it gets him every time! MELTS.MY.HEART.
  • Once again our Gamecocks are in Omaha for the College World Series. If you remember correctly, last year our gamecocks won the College World Series..ahem you can read about it here, here or here! Well we won our first game Sunday night against Texas A&M and we play Virginia tonight. Feel free to cheer on our gamecocks if your team isn't there :)
  • I am in preparation of beginning the preparation of our pride and joy's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTYYYYYY! And you know this mama will be going all out! I think I'm going to start purchasing things along and along now so baby daddy won't fuss too much. Betcha can't guess the theme?????
  • In preparation of our vacay that is 2340892340820394823908 days away I purchased this little beaut today...readysetruntothemailboxeverydayforthenextweeksohusbanddoesntseethereceiptevenifitwasonsale :)
(Now if only I could purchase that body.) And I'm also trying to talk myself into buying this gorgeous accessory for the beach as well.
Hope yall are having a fabulous week!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This and That

Ever since I had D I feel like the days just fly by. We are constantly busy even if we are home in our pj's (which doesn't happen often). We are so fortunate to have our sweet boy and he brings us so much joy. Our time with him every evening is so special..even if it is checking the mail or watering the dead flowers.
That being said, in the evenings I rarely have time to touch the computer. As soon as he goes down I either catch a quick show on the dvr or head to bed myself. My days at work lately have been slammed as well and it has made it hard to continue to blog as much as I would like. I still make time to catch up on everyone and love seeing how everyone is spending their summer. I promise I will be back soon!
Some of what's been going on...
-Two of my very close friends, April(Ricky) and Tina (Cameron) have gotten engaged in the last two weeks. We could not be more excited for them and can't wait for all of the festivities. (Did I just say that? Last summer I was begging for a break!) They both have gorgeous rocks, rocks I tell ya!! So this weekend we are going to try and do some celebrating with the newly engaged. I'll try to document with some pictures for a change ;)
-BJ is still playing softball for the church every Tuesday and Friday and they have 3 games left. It has been a lot of fun watching the guys play and Davis gets tons of attention by all the mom's/wives/gf's/daughters.
-Davis went for his 9 month check up (two weeks early) today. Husband took him and all he had to tell me about the appt was that he weighs 20lbs. I hate that I missed it but it was what worked for us today.
-I had a massage yesterday, thanks to my son (he gave it to me for Mother's Day), that was oh so fabulous and much needed.
-Davis was in his first "accident" Sunday. A car ran into the back of us (me&D) while we were stopped for the person in front of us to turn. We were okay and the car can be fixed but it was a little scary.
-Could you say a little prayer for me? We (husband, D and I) are fine and healthy but are contemplating some changes in the near future and would love you to pray for God to give us the guidance.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Have yall missed me? I feel like it's been f~o~r~e~v~e~r!!
Well summer is here in full force and I love it! Reasons why...
  1. We have been spending the last few weekends in the sun by some type of body of water.
  2. I now have my color back. It's just makes me feel good. And don't ya know...tan fat looks way better than pasty white fat ;)
  3. Our baby is seriously just the cutest baby ever...or at least we think. And to see that cute baby in his adorable summer digs....EEK I could eat him up....Smocking, Jon Jons, monogrammed shirts, cute little bathing name it, he has it!!
  4. Summer Veggies! Did I seriously just say that?? Coming from someone who used to only eat green beans for veggies... I am loving me some fresh squash and zucchini!
  5. Ice cold beverages by said bodies of water. I haven't really drank much since summer before last (we were TTC) and while I was pregnant I wanted one so bad. Now I can only drink a couple but they just taste better when you're by the pool/lake/river/ocean. Is this just me??
  6. VAY-CAY-SHUN...I'm always excited for vacation but I'm even more excited about it this year with our little lovebug.
  7. It's time to start planning sweet boy's 1st birthday party and I can't wait to get started...if only I could decide on a theme/color scheme!! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
I can almost smell sun screen after this post...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

8 Months

Sorry, if you look at the above pictures from bottom to top you will see the sequence of events. I was trying to do your pics before your bottle until you discovered your bottle sitting on the end table and decided you needed it right then and climbed your little hiney over and got it.
Phew, these monthly pictures are getting more difficult each month. You do NOT like to sit still. (Unless it is during your late night/early morning bottle. Hehe I love how you have your bottle strategically propped up so you don't have to hold it and can pretend to be asleep although if I were to snatch that bottle you would lose your stuff.)You have been quite the busy little boy. You pull up and cruise along all of the furniture/toys/curtains/etc but won't let go. I'm sure it will be no time before you decide to let go. However, I'm dreading the boo boo's you'll get when that happens.You had your first ear infection and it was not fun.
You say "MaMa" and I'm pretty sure that you've said "bye-bye" a couple times. Still no "DaDa."
Your sleep habits suck for lack of a better word. You get up a couple times a night most nights.You're wearing 12 month clothes and are busting out of the 3's but the 4's are still a little roomy.
You like to take baths in the bath tub now. (You're really growing up way too fast.)We've had to remove everything from the end tables and in your reach b/c you will not leave this stuff alone. Especially pictures and photo albums. You weigh 20lbs.
You decided that you no longer like baby food but big boy food. You had your first taste of sweet tea. You drink 4 6oz bottles a day and sometimes 1 or 2 during the night. You snack on puffs, yogurt melts, gerber cookies and just recently we introduced you to goldfish.
You still have just two teeth.You love the water and got your first taste of summertime with a trip to the river and a ride in Daddy's boat.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our little fish

I know another weekend is almost here but here's our Memorial Day Weekend, a little late :)
We now believe that we have a little fish on our hands. Yep, babylove really likes the water/sand/boat/etc! Since we also love the water/sun/boat during the summer months we couldn't be more pleased. And now that we know he likes it we can't wait until our summer vacay at the beach! He is going to be so much fun.Saturday we took D to the river for his first ride in Daddy's boat. I thought that since he was going to have to wear that bulky life jacket that he was going to be unhappy but he just sat back and took it all in. He was too sweet to watch. Once we unloaded and sun screened up we put him down in the sand and he took off crawling for the water. This could be a bad thing that he has no fear of the water but I'm so glad he isn't terrified of it. Swimming lessons for babies? Yes, please. He loved playing in the sand and rarely put anything in his mouth (he attempted with the occasional stick). And of course he was sporting his red, white and blue bathing suit in honor of our troops :)Sunday we had another fun day of sand and water at Rentz Farm (BJ's aunt and uncle's which is also where we had our wedding reception). It is a pond but looks tropical. The water is blue with white sand...just put a frozen umbrella drink in your hand and enjoy :) Both of B's sisters and their kids along with his mom where there too so D got lots of attention. On a different note, if someone has any advice in getting our baby to SLEEP please feel free to pass it along. Mama's tired...