Thursday, June 2, 2011

8 Months

Sorry, if you look at the above pictures from bottom to top you will see the sequence of events. I was trying to do your pics before your bottle until you discovered your bottle sitting on the end table and decided you needed it right then and climbed your little hiney over and got it.
Phew, these monthly pictures are getting more difficult each month. You do NOT like to sit still. (Unless it is during your late night/early morning bottle. Hehe I love how you have your bottle strategically propped up so you don't have to hold it and can pretend to be asleep although if I were to snatch that bottle you would lose your stuff.)You have been quite the busy little boy. You pull up and cruise along all of the furniture/toys/curtains/etc but won't let go. I'm sure it will be no time before you decide to let go. However, I'm dreading the boo boo's you'll get when that happens.You had your first ear infection and it was not fun.
You say "MaMa" and I'm pretty sure that you've said "bye-bye" a couple times. Still no "DaDa."
Your sleep habits suck for lack of a better word. You get up a couple times a night most nights.You're wearing 12 month clothes and are busting out of the 3's but the 4's are still a little roomy.
You like to take baths in the bath tub now. (You're really growing up way too fast.)We've had to remove everything from the end tables and in your reach b/c you will not leave this stuff alone. Especially pictures and photo albums. You weigh 20lbs.
You decided that you no longer like baby food but big boy food. You had your first taste of sweet tea. You drink 4 6oz bottles a day and sometimes 1 or 2 during the night. You snack on puffs, yogurt melts, gerber cookies and just recently we introduced you to goldfish.
You still have just two teeth.You love the water and got your first taste of summertime with a trip to the river and a ride in Daddy's boat.

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