Tuesday, June 21, 2011


HOLY SMOKES can someone cut the heat down a tad? It's hot as balls outside!
  • First off, thank you for the prayers. Last week I was offered another job and was really struggling as to whether or not I should take it. (As if more $ wasn't reason enough) I was happy with my job and therefore had not been looking for another one. But this opportunity sorta fell in my lap. That being said, I took it! Ya see, I'm not one for change. Once I get in my routine I like to try and keep it that way, a routine. But I have decided to take the plunge out of my comfort zone and see where it leads. I will miss seeing Ms. Julie, the sweetest, most hardworking 84 year old I've ever seen but I'll promise to keep in touch. So anyways that's mostly what's been going on.
  • This weekend babykins decided he wanted to be a mama's boy and not let anyone else hold him or do anything for him for that matter. DH thinks it's quite humorous and kept reminding me that I wanted a mama's boy and now I got one. Cry baby and his mama spent the day at the pool Saturday with some fabulous girls yet I only managed to get one picture. Of course it's just of D. Figures. Typical Mom.
  • Sunday we not only celebrated Duke (my dad) for Father's Day but I got to celebrate my husband who is an outstanding father. He not only puts up with said Mama's Boy but with that Mama's Boy's Mama...me of course. Which I admit, is not an easy job. He "let's" me dress our adorable child in the sweetest clothes (and by this I mean purchasing those clothes$$$), sometimes even matching myself and sweet baby (he has learned to fight his battles), he's okay with the fact that our house isn't sparkly clean all the time (okay so maybe it's only sparkly clean 2xs a year!), and most of the time gives me the dvr privileges all so that I can spend extra time with our son. I always knew he would be an excellent dad but it just puts a smile on my face to watch him play with D and listen to D laugh hysterically when he tickles him. B loves to pretend like he's eating an ear of corn on D's ribs and it gets him every time! MELTS.MY.HEART.
  • Once again our Gamecocks are in Omaha for the College World Series. If you remember correctly, last year our gamecocks won the College World Series..ahem you can read about it here, here or here! Well we won our first game Sunday night against Texas A&M and we play Virginia tonight. Feel free to cheer on our gamecocks if your team isn't there :)
  • I am in preparation of beginning the preparation of our pride and joy's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTYYYYYY! And you know this mama will be going all out! I think I'm going to start purchasing things along and along now so baby daddy won't fuss too much. Betcha can't guess the theme?????
  • In preparation of our vacay that is 2340892340820394823908 days away I purchased this little beaut today...readysetruntothemailboxeverydayforthenextweeksohusbanddoesntseethereceiptevenifitwasonsale :)
(Now if only I could purchase that body.) And I'm also trying to talk myself into buying this gorgeous accessory for the beach as well.
Hope yall are having a fabulous week!

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  1. Ahem...I promise I would not claim you if you wore that with me, even if it is too precious with monogramming!!! You have definitely turned into a DORK :) Love ya!!