Thursday, June 16, 2011

This and That

Ever since I had D I feel like the days just fly by. We are constantly busy even if we are home in our pj's (which doesn't happen often). We are so fortunate to have our sweet boy and he brings us so much joy. Our time with him every evening is so special..even if it is checking the mail or watering the dead flowers.
That being said, in the evenings I rarely have time to touch the computer. As soon as he goes down I either catch a quick show on the dvr or head to bed myself. My days at work lately have been slammed as well and it has made it hard to continue to blog as much as I would like. I still make time to catch up on everyone and love seeing how everyone is spending their summer. I promise I will be back soon!
Some of what's been going on...
-Two of my very close friends, April(Ricky) and Tina (Cameron) have gotten engaged in the last two weeks. We could not be more excited for them and can't wait for all of the festivities. (Did I just say that? Last summer I was begging for a break!) They both have gorgeous rocks, rocks I tell ya!! So this weekend we are going to try and do some celebrating with the newly engaged. I'll try to document with some pictures for a change ;)
-BJ is still playing softball for the church every Tuesday and Friday and they have 3 games left. It has been a lot of fun watching the guys play and Davis gets tons of attention by all the mom's/wives/gf's/daughters.
-Davis went for his 9 month check up (two weeks early) today. Husband took him and all he had to tell me about the appt was that he weighs 20lbs. I hate that I missed it but it was what worked for us today.
-I had a massage yesterday, thanks to my son (he gave it to me for Mother's Day), that was oh so fabulous and much needed.
-Davis was in his first "accident" Sunday. A car ran into the back of us (me&D) while we were stopped for the person in front of us to turn. We were okay and the car can be fixed but it was a little scary.
-Could you say a little prayer for me? We (husband, D and I) are fine and healthy but are contemplating some changes in the near future and would love you to pray for God to give us the guidance.

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