Monday, June 13, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Have yall missed me? I feel like it's been f~o~r~e~v~e~r!!
Well summer is here in full force and I love it! Reasons why...
  1. We have been spending the last few weekends in the sun by some type of body of water.
  2. I now have my color back. It's just makes me feel good. And don't ya know...tan fat looks way better than pasty white fat ;)
  3. Our baby is seriously just the cutest baby ever...or at least we think. And to see that cute baby in his adorable summer digs....EEK I could eat him up....Smocking, Jon Jons, monogrammed shirts, cute little bathing name it, he has it!!
  4. Summer Veggies! Did I seriously just say that?? Coming from someone who used to only eat green beans for veggies... I am loving me some fresh squash and zucchini!
  5. Ice cold beverages by said bodies of water. I haven't really drank much since summer before last (we were TTC) and while I was pregnant I wanted one so bad. Now I can only drink a couple but they just taste better when you're by the pool/lake/river/ocean. Is this just me??
  6. VAY-CAY-SHUN...I'm always excited for vacation but I'm even more excited about it this year with our little lovebug.
  7. It's time to start planning sweet boy's 1st birthday party and I can't wait to get started...if only I could decide on a theme/color scheme!! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
I can almost smell sun screen after this post...

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