Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Where has this week gone? I'll tell ya where it's gone...
Monday when I picked D up from daycare they told me that they didn't think he felt to hot. Of course I didn't have him home 15 mins and he was burning up with fever. He has had a little cold but nothing else. To be on the safe side we went to the dr Tues am and they diagnosed him with a "fever virus". What the hell is that you run a fever but that's pretty much else. And what happens when you run a fever you can go to daycare until you have been fever free for 24 hours. Oh did I hear you just say but Katie this is your last week at work. Yes, of course it is. How slack does that sound? Hey M, sorry I know I only have a couple days left with you but I have to stay home b/c my baby has a fever and is crawling around like a crazy person! PHEW these past few days have whooped this mama's tail!!! I have a new found respect for all of you SAHMs. Seriously at first I though I can handle this. Daddy will come home and the house will be spotless, kitchen floor sparkly clean, supper cooked, happy baby and happy mama. WRONG! I did manage to speed clean when D took a nap but other than that I was a running around like a mad woman after my crazy child.
Also, in case you haven't heard.....our GAMECOCKS WON THE COLLEGE WORLD SERIESSSSSSSSS...what's that you say?? you thought we did that last year? Oh, we did and we did this year. That's right BACK 2 BACK CHAMPS :) After these late night extra inning games this mama is going to bed early tonight! As in as soon as D gets in his crib!
Thank you to my wonderful cousin-in-law who came and watched D for me to go to work for a couple hours and to my mother who has saved my sanity a couple times this week...someone who requires at least 8 hours of sleep+a cry baby=one nutcase of a mama!
Today my rotten boy is 9 months (i'm working on that post for ya too) and excuse me but we have to go practice saying "Go Cocks!"

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