Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bring on another...or 50 ;)

As previously stated we decided to celebrate our anniversary last weekend with a little getaway to Savannah. [Insert basket case mama here!] When deciding to take said getaway we decided that it would only be for one night being that this would be our first night away from babykins. Saturday morning we got up and ready and headed to my parent's house (who better to leave your kid with for the first time, right??) to drop D off. [Insert major crocodile tears here.] As soon as I started getting his stuff out of the car I lost it. I tried to dry it up but as soon as I handed him over to my dad the tears just started rolling down my face. I hugged him tight, kissed him bye and told BJ we needed to go right then. I cried for almost an hour. I'm serious, it was quite ridiculous. I told BJ that he just wouldn't understand b/c he hadn't been with him everyday for the past 20 months ( yes, I added in my pregnancy time). On the way we stopped by the outlets for some shopping. Of course we spent more on our munchkin than we did on ourselves but come on, baby gap little boy jeans SO.STINKIN.CUTE! When we finally made it to Savannah we decided to walk around downtown and see all of the neat little shops and restaurants. We ate, had drinks, talked, laughed, oohed and ahhed at all of the kids/babies that we saw and talked about our little man. We headed to check into the hotel and make dinner reservations, which never happened b/c a "little nap" turned into two hours and it was dinner time. We ended up eating at Chart House on River Street. We sat and talked for hours. It was so nice. After dinner we went to Savannah Smiles, the dueling piano bar. It was so much fun. It was really neat watching all of the bachelorette parties seeing how 3 years ago I was there celebrating my last "single" weekend. Sunday we took our time getting ready and headed to Bass Pro Shop and Target then made our way home to our sweet boy.
Today is our actual anniversary. Hubster cooked dinner and I made peach cobbler for dessert. It's been great!
Love Muffin if you are reading this I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed our anniversary trip. Even though it was really hard for me to leave Davis it was so nice to have that alone time with you. Now, we had quite the eventful year but it has been amazing. We were given the best gift ever..we became parents to the most adorable, sweetest little boy. I would be lying if I said it wasn't trying/crazy/etc. sometimes but you're always there when I'm having a "moment" and know when to step in. I always knew you would be a great dad but you have definitely exceeded my expectations! We've both grown so much this past year. We were both offered new jobs and after lots of prayer, took them. I can't wait to see what next year brings for our family. I could not be more grateful that God gave me you to share my life with.
I love you to the moon and back...(and yes I'll remember writing you this in the morning...HA)

**Will add pictures later :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Catch Up

  • A couple Thursday nights ago husband and I had a function to go with my work people. It was like a little date night and it was fun hanging out with the girls outside of the office.
  • We are patiently awaiting the arrival of Nathan (my brother's baby). Kelley's due date is the 30th so it could be anytime.
  • Our 3rd anniversary is next week and we're trying to decide what we're going to do. For the past two years we've gone on a weekend trip. This year we've let it sneak up on us and have yet to decide if/what we're going to do. I think we are going to have our first overnight trip away from our sweet boy. I'm super nervous about it and have been tempted to ask hubs if he can go too but I know we need "our" time.
  • Davis slept all night for the 1st time in months last night. From 9:30-8!! AND I had to WAKE him up at 8. Of course when my alarm clock went off this morning and I realized that I had not gotten up all night I ran in his room to make sure he was still breathing. I know, I know...chill out sista!
  • Growing up I had a severe case of sleep walking/talking in my sleep/grinding my teeth/basically doing crazy shit in my sleep. Since college it's gotten a lot better and rarely happens. However, husband told me that Monday night I sat up straight in the bed and asked where Roxie was. I scared the bajeezees out of him and he told me to take my crazy butt back to sleep. Of course I don't remember this at all.
  • Speaking of our four legged child, who by the way turned 3 last month and we failed to celebrate, has been spending a lot of time outside. It is not b/c of us but b/c she has been begging to be out. It may have a little something to do with the little midget in our house. However, hubs decided to give her a bath tonight and let her have a night inside since I was so worried about her the other night. haha
  • I have a new addiction for Pinterest. It's crazy and I can't stop. Hi my name is Katie and I'm addicted to pinning random ass shit for projects that I'll probably never do. ha
  • I have missed blogging so much! I still try to keep up with everyone but fail to post. I'm going to get better at that, I promise. (along with eating better, exercising, reading, cleaning...ya see what I mean?!?)
  • I'm trying to plan Davis' birthday party and I really just can't stop thinking of more stuff that I want to do. I mean really. It's.Out.Of.Control. hence the pinterest addiction+etsy=craycray
  • I have the cutest video ever to show you guys of babylove eating supper tonight but it's going to have to wait b/c this mama is going to hit the hay!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mama's a basket case

We finally got Davis on video walking (please excuse the nakedness). He hasn't really walked any more other than here and there. Well tonight he decided he was ready and kept on. As I was uploading the video it hit me. Our baby is no longer a baby but a toddler. As happy as I am to watch him learn new things I'm hating this growing up thing. I mean, I feel like a crazy person being this silly. A whole year has almost flown by, what a year it's been, but can we please freeze time for a little while?!?!

Another thing, we've also been working on looking at pictures and saying who they are and he has mama and dada down. When he sees a picture of Roxie he just squeals.

I can't thank God enough for giving us this sweet baby boy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

10 months

Sweet boy,
As the plans for your birthday bash are in full force and I am so excited for the big day to be here, I am slightly sad that my baby is growing so fast! You change daily and Daddy and I just love to "watch" you as you figure out new things. Here's what you've been up to...
You went on your first vacation this month and loved it. You ate up all of the attention and loved hanging out with your big cousins Turner and Cole.
You took your first steps unassisted. However, you took two steps the week before we went on vacation and have not done so since then. You practically run behind your toys but aren't ready to let go. You get everywhere that you want to go and FAST, I tell ya. We have to keep all of the doors to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room closed b/c you are into EVERYTHING!
You had another ear infection this month, in fact it was a double ear infection. You still acted like your normal self but we could def tell that something was up.
You weighed 22 lbs 14 1/2 ozs at your last appointment. You're such a big boy.
You love to eat and we really haven't found anything that you don't like. Of course your favorites are still anything with pasta...mac&cheese, ravioli, spaghetti, etc. I've repeatedly said that you love Roxie but it only show more each month. She really likes that you get to eat all of this yummy food now b/c you are constantly feeding her.
You have started giving "love nibbles" as some have said. You don't actually bite down but nibble on our clothes. I'm so nervous that this will turn into a bad habit...please, please, please don't be a biter. I don't want to be "that mom" at daycare whose child bites everyone.
Uncle Trey swears that you said Duke one day and daddy and I are pretty sure you said "nigh-night" one night as we were trying to put you down for the night. Of course it melted our hearts. (but what's new, right?)
You have developed quite the temper. Lately when you are told "no" you lose your ish. You will throw your self down and cause a scene I tell ya. I'm sure you're learning this at daycare although Daddy may say that you've seen Mommy do this before.
You still love to clap and get excited very easily. If you see someone clap you get a big grin and do the same.
Your gums have been swollen so we are sure that you are getting some more toofies.
You're still wearing all 12 month clothes, size 3&4 diapers (we have both so we are using them...Mommy likes the size 4 dipies at night) and currently have no shoes that fit. Daddy says you don't need shoes but I have a feeling you will be getting some very soon..since we all know you'll be walking :)
You mostly wake up once a night for a bottle. After very few attempts to kick the during the night bottle we have decided that it's better on mommy and you when we just give it to you b/c you go back to sleep immediately.

You can wave, give "5", and make a clicking sound with your mouth...and you do it constantly.
Babylove, you bring so much joy to our lives and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you. We love you bunches.