Monday, August 8, 2011

10 months

Sweet boy,
As the plans for your birthday bash are in full force and I am so excited for the big day to be here, I am slightly sad that my baby is growing so fast! You change daily and Daddy and I just love to "watch" you as you figure out new things. Here's what you've been up to...
You went on your first vacation this month and loved it. You ate up all of the attention and loved hanging out with your big cousins Turner and Cole.
You took your first steps unassisted. However, you took two steps the week before we went on vacation and have not done so since then. You practically run behind your toys but aren't ready to let go. You get everywhere that you want to go and FAST, I tell ya. We have to keep all of the doors to the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room closed b/c you are into EVERYTHING!
You had another ear infection this month, in fact it was a double ear infection. You still acted like your normal self but we could def tell that something was up.
You weighed 22 lbs 14 1/2 ozs at your last appointment. You're such a big boy.
You love to eat and we really haven't found anything that you don't like. Of course your favorites are still anything with pasta...mac&cheese, ravioli, spaghetti, etc. I've repeatedly said that you love Roxie but it only show more each month. She really likes that you get to eat all of this yummy food now b/c you are constantly feeding her.
You have started giving "love nibbles" as some have said. You don't actually bite down but nibble on our clothes. I'm so nervous that this will turn into a bad habit...please, please, please don't be a biter. I don't want to be "that mom" at daycare whose child bites everyone.
Uncle Trey swears that you said Duke one day and daddy and I are pretty sure you said "nigh-night" one night as we were trying to put you down for the night. Of course it melted our hearts. (but what's new, right?)
You have developed quite the temper. Lately when you are told "no" you lose your ish. You will throw your self down and cause a scene I tell ya. I'm sure you're learning this at daycare although Daddy may say that you've seen Mommy do this before.
You still love to clap and get excited very easily. If you see someone clap you get a big grin and do the same.
Your gums have been swollen so we are sure that you are getting some more toofies.
You're still wearing all 12 month clothes, size 3&4 diapers (we have both so we are using them...Mommy likes the size 4 dipies at night) and currently have no shoes that fit. Daddy says you don't need shoes but I have a feeling you will be getting some very soon..since we all know you'll be walking :)
You mostly wake up once a night for a bottle. After very few attempts to kick the during the night bottle we have decided that it's better on mommy and you when we just give it to you b/c you go back to sleep immediately.

You can wave, give "5", and make a clicking sound with your mouth...and you do it constantly.
Babylove, you bring so much joy to our lives and we can't wait to see what the future holds for you. We love you bunches.

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  1. Precious, precious boy! Thanks so much for the pinterest invite! xo