Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vay-Kay-Shun-[Picture Overload]

Last week we went to Isle of Palms for the week with my family for vacation. We were so excited to finally go on our first vacation as a family 3. We did learn that when you have a 10 month old it's not quite as relaxing as vacations used to be. However, we had a great time and made lots of memories. Davis did absolutely wonderful on the beach. He would crawl everywhere as long as I would let him. He was constantly covered in sand and enjoyed numerous sea shells. (Not including the 987234987239487 we got out of his mouth before he swallowed them.) Davis loved watching and playing with his cousins and picked up quite a few new things this week. We enjoyed yummy food, fruity drinks, shopping, snacking, ghost crabbing, playing jenga and even some grown up time. It rained 2 days but we made the best of it. We returned home exhausted with good tans. (Davis' tan lines are too stinkin' cute with his lil white hiney!) Overall=Total Success! Here's some pics from the week :) Now off to get ready for another crazy busy week/weekend!

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