Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our little fish

I know another weekend is almost here but here's our Memorial Day Weekend, a little late :)
We now believe that we have a little fish on our hands. Yep, babylove really likes the water/sand/boat/etc! Since we also love the water/sun/boat during the summer months we couldn't be more pleased. And now that we know he likes it we can't wait until our summer vacay at the beach! He is going to be so much fun.Saturday we took D to the river for his first ride in Daddy's boat. I thought that since he was going to have to wear that bulky life jacket that he was going to be unhappy but he just sat back and took it all in. He was too sweet to watch. Once we unloaded and sun screened up we put him down in the sand and he took off crawling for the water. This could be a bad thing that he has no fear of the water but I'm so glad he isn't terrified of it. Swimming lessons for babies? Yes, please. He loved playing in the sand and rarely put anything in his mouth (he attempted with the occasional stick). And of course he was sporting his red, white and blue bathing suit in honor of our troops :)Sunday we had another fun day of sand and water at Rentz Farm (BJ's aunt and uncle's which is also where we had our wedding reception). It is a pond but looks tropical. The water is blue with white sand...just put a frozen umbrella drink in your hand and enjoy :) Both of B's sisters and their kids along with his mom where there too so D got lots of attention. On a different note, if someone has any advice in getting our baby to SLEEP please feel free to pass it along. Mama's tired...

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