Wednesday, June 30, 2010


AHHHHHH WE DID IT!!!! At a little before midnight last night I was a nervous wreck but we pulled through and won the college world series!!!!! What a great day for Gamecock fans. After over 20 years of faithfulness and dedication, good, bad and ugly we have made the big screen!!! My wonderful father, who shaped me into this crazy Gamecock fan, is flying in from NY today and weather permitting, will get to see the guys coming off of the plane from Omaha! I'm super jealous b/c that is something you just don't ever forget...for a sports fan at least. This morning Paul Nathan called me to make sure I was able to stay up until the end (I'll admit BJ and I both took naps when we got home yesterday to be able to stay up) and I felt like my adrenaline started going again just talking about it.
DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Today is 99 days until Davis' due date. BJ and I were discussing last night how it has flown by and seems like just yesterday we were still keeping our "secret". Hopefully Monday I'll have updated pics of his nursery with his crib put together :) I don't want to rush baby daddy when he's had two nights on 4 hours of sleep due to the baseball games.
Also, today is the day that Matt and Lindsay find out what they're having! I can't wait to hear the big news. She took the gender prediction test like I did and it said boy so we'll see if it's correct :) I'll be sure to let yall know if Davis is going to have a buddy or a girlfriend!

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