Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Yorkkkkkkk

AHHH I'm so anxious to be off work, packed and ready to go! I think we are all pretty excited. Especially a little blonde headed, blue eyed boy! I called him last night and he was all over the place from who he was sitting by on the air plane to seeing Central Park and getting to go to "the biggest toy store ever Aunt Katie"! He really just made me even more excited. I can't wait to see his reactions to some things. Then, I was catching up on my shows and saw the bachelorette from Mon and they were in NYC. They got to be apart of The Lion King which made me want to see it again even more!
Yesterday after work I got to meet up with Lizzie for pedicures and a quick supper at our fav, Zaxby's! It was nice to catch up and she hadn't seen "the bump" b/c when she last saw me I was only like 10 wks. She had a sweet surprise for Davis...the book "The Giving Tree" It may be coincident but I read it to him last night while I was watching some tv and every time I would stop reading he would start kicking like crazy. lol
Hope everyone got to sleep through the horrible storms last night. I, on the other hand was up stressing and a little scared. I've never been afraid of storms but last night the lightening was popping everywhere, lighting up the house, thunder was loud and rain was so hard. Plus Roxie was whining. Hopefully I'll get to bed early tonight since we have to get up at 4am!! yowzers
Wish us safe travels and a great trip and I'll catch yall up on Monday :)

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