Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 days

AHH! When I logged on to theBump this morning it said 100 days until Davis' due date!! Yowzers that doesn't seem that long...as in 14 wks!!! Phew I can't wait.
I went and picked up his crib and chest of drawers yesterday. As gay as it may sound it is absolutely perfect, beautiful and more than a hoped for. I can't wait to see it all set up!
GO COCKS!!! After a very long game (started at 7:30 and got over after 11!!) we won 7-1! We play again tonight and if we win we are the national championssssss!!! AHHHH That would be awesome!
I'm sooo behind on all of my shows so after this tournament I have lots of DVR to catch up on :) I've already heard how juicy the bach. was last night can't wait to see it.
Lastly, look what came out last week... I can't wait to get it!! My dad called me yesterday from the airport telling me that he saw it. (My whole family reads her series.) We normally know exactly when the new ones are released so that we know when to rush and get it. What a great summer read this will be. Janet never disappoints!

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