Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Phew another weekend has flown by!
Friday night we went to a party for the two engaged Watson chillens. It was fun but oh so hot!
Saturday BJ had to work and I spent the day with NICOLEEEEEE!!! Oh how I've missed her so. We had lunch at one of my favs-Firehouse :), stopped by a little boutique, registered at Target and did a little shopping for New YorkKKK!!! When I got home, mom and hubs were working away in little man's room! It's coming along and I'm so excited. I didn't bother them only to refill their drinks, snap some pictures and go pick up supper. Didn't I have it rough ;)
Sunday we went to church then headed to Columbia with Mama and Grandma. (Lucky BJ, right?!?) The reason we were going was to pick up sweet baby's crib but they were closed...I know should have called first. We met Daddy for lunch at Carrabba's, registered at Baby's R Us and got lots of stuff from Lowe's for the house. I can't wait until all of these "projects" are complete but boy oh boy it's going to look so much better!!! I promise to have some pictures soon!
This morning I had my monthly visit. Davis is growing right along. She said the everything looks great and she'll see me in 4 wks!

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