Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Davis, Davis and more Davis

The "junk" room is now 100% empty and ready for a makeover for our little man! I've picked out a color, the bedding has been shipped, and the crib is ready to be picked up (the dresser and chest of drawers are on back-order for another 4 wks :(). His stack of stuff, clothes, burp cloths (btw I've got to show yall a pic of the burp cloths Ashley H. got him..so cute), etc, is piling up. Today while I was out to get lunch I ran by a little place in town and fell in love with this outfit. I'm thinking this will be his coming home outfit?? We shall see. Baby Daddy is going to kill me before Davis gets here. Guys just don't understand the stuff that you "just have to have" :) ha! I was also told about another place this weekend that I'll be checking out soon for some cute little Jon Jon's for next summer.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered the reason for the holiday. Thanks to all those who have and continue to serve for our freedom! We were mostly working around the house trying to get organized and ready for all of his furniture. We went to the lake for the day on Sunday but the weather didn't cooperate but for a little while. AND I didn't get a chance to see SATC2 or have a pedicure. I think I may have to take care of those ASAP esp the pedi! OH and I booked our maternity pictures!!! I can't wait...now onto what we'll wear...but we have a while!

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  1. OMG!!! I love it! It is so beautiful :)