Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you for being a friendddd

Traveled 'round the world and back againnnn...your heart is true...
Okay, yall get the picture. I'm so sad that Blanche has passed. The Golden Girls used to be my favorite show! My friends and I absolutely loved watching it during the summers. We even went to the extent of giving each other the names: Aubrey-Dorthy, April-Blanche, Sarah-Rose and myself-Sophia. We each fit our roles in some way..and no Ape wasn't a lil slut but we couldn't have two Rose's so she got stuck with Blanche.
April, my childhood bff, is currently in dental school, that's right, one day she might make me a new grill! haha Well she's a dedicated student and studies 24/7 to remain at the top of her class with a year-round schedule. I'm so proud of her...I always picked at her telling her what a nerd she was but look at her now :) Anyways, she had her exams this week and her "break" consisted of Thursday and Friday off. Normally, when she comes home for these breaks they consist of wine and Real Housewives re-runs. Yesterday I went to her parents to see her and we all just sat in the sun room chit chatting forever. It was great convo of course ranging from baby Davis, to the town gossip and everything in between. I basically lived with them throughout our younger days and it's so good to catch up! Of course Davis was going crazy kicking and punching the whole time but every time she touched my belly he would stop. Stubborn lil thing he is.
This weekend we are hosting a party for Aubrey and Richard and Kemp and Erin at the lake. It's going to be a lot of fun but it will be a big difference from the previous summers where I was three sheets to the wind. (I'm okay with that) We have some running around to do for that this evening and then we are headed to the lake in the morning and coming back Sunday. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for yall. Have a safe and happy weekend.
BTW...I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my sweet baby's bedding!!! That's right it came yesterday and I went today to get paint for mom and baby daddy to get to work this coming week :)

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