Tuesday, June 22, 2010


#1 We are almost in the double digits people!! 107 days, just over 15 weeks until our due date! Last night I was watching TV and BJ was doing who knows what and he came in and said do you ever just walk in his room? Yes, actually I do it all the time! I find myself opening the closet (that's where all of the stuff that we've bought so far is) and just looking at everything again to see if I missed something. Even Roxie keeps going in there and just walking around and we are frequently finding her bones in there.
#2 This is our first year not spending July 4th at Edisto :( It makes me sad but I just don't know if I can handle a bunch of drunks crammed into a house this year. Now that it is next week that we would be there I'm wondering if we should have decided to go anyways..at least for the weekend. But, we have so much stuff to do around the house with it being a free weekend. We'll see what happens...
#3 Thank the good Lord Casey is off the bachelorette!! woo hoo he drove me nuts and if I heard "I will guard and protect your heart" one more time....I think it's either Justin or Frank that leave next week due to a gf issue...spoiler alert!!
#4 Jake and Vienna sausages spilt...I tried to tell him he couldn't turn a hoe into a housewife :)
#5 I'm one step closer to having our maternity photo session booked! I gave her three dates to choose from! hollerrrr I can't wait to do those! Soon I'll have to decide on an outfit!
#6 I still haven't seen SATC2 and I'm hoping that I get to see it this weekend!!!
#7 I'm ready to go home to my dvr, hubs and baby girl..
later haters

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