Monday, June 7, 2010

Just another manic monday....

Phew...Hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a good party for the engaged couples. I'll have to steal some pics from Sarah b/c I didn't take any..surprise surprise! Hopefully today baby daddy will start painting our baby's room :) I can't wait to see it. We are also planning to update our registry this weekend. I know, I know...all things baby these days. I just can't help it...he consumes my every thought!
On another note, a girl came into our office today with her two children. After being here for a while she proceeds to tell me that the reason they are with her is b/c they can't go to daycare b/c they have Fifth Disease. Fifth disease- "Especially common in kids between the ages of 5 and 15, fifth disease typically produces a distinctive red rash on the face that makes the child appear to have a "slapped cheek." The rash then spreads to the trunk, arms, and legs. Fifth disease is actually just a viral illness that most kids recover from quickly and without complications." Then it says "This common childhood illness is usually mild in kids, but it can pose a serious danger to pregnant women and their unborn babies." So I'm kind of freaking out. Of course I immediately called my mom who knows everything and she told me that I should call my dr and let her know. I left a message and am now watching the phone waiting on them to call back. Please say a lil prayer that everything is okay. I've nearly drown myself in anti-bacterial stuff!

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