Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Summertime

This time def starts our busy season. We are always super busy during the summer and with Davis on the way this summer is even busier. We have New York in two weeks (ahh and I need to come up with Father's Day gifts), Aubrey's wedding in July, Kemp's wedding in August, that means, parties, showers, bach parties, etc. Not to mention getting a nursery ready and preparing for him. We have our anniversary August 23rd. I was hoping hubs would take me away the weekend before for our "Babymoon/Anniversary". I also have 3 baby showers scheduled!!! I feel so blessed!! Then birthday season (Sept and Oct are crazy with all the birthdays that we have including yours truly :))starts and before we know it our sweet baby will be here!
We have talked about what we are going to buy for each other for our anniversary and can't think of anything better than a video camera. With Davis on the way what better timing?!? So this is what we're thinking of... I've read some pretty great reviews and LOVE how it can be thrown in my purse or diaper bag! I just get so excited thinking about our future!

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