Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yummy Chicken Enchiladas

Got an easy one for yall...
Boneless, cooked chicken (I did a small whole chicken)
Cream of Chicken
Shredded Cheese
Cream Cheese (at room temp)
Tortilla shells
Mix the salsa, cheese, cream of chicken and chicken together while the chicken is still hot to melt the cheese. Spread the cream cheese across the tortillas, fill them with the mixture, roll them up, place them face down in a 13x9, top with some salsa, bake at 350 for 20-30 mins. Top with some extra cheese. YUM-O

Update from yesterday: The dr said to call if I notice any change, fever/rash/etc. and that she will be doing monthly ultrasounds to make sure that everything is okay. Thanks for the prayers.
I felt like he was "letting me know" he was okay last night. I saw my belly move for the first time. So crazy and amazing! BJ got to feel him for a good 15 minutes as well.

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